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4 Honest Feelings I Had About My Postpartum Body – and No, They Aren’t All Good!!


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Post delivery, I was in a confinement for 40 days. That meant strict dietary restrictions – I could have only certain foods. Let me tell you I could count them on one hand – Dairy (Milk and Ghee), moong dal, gourds, wheat flour and spices like ajwain, jeera, and turmeric. It wasn’t a splendid time, I must say. Day in day out, the same menu.

  • Ajwain roasted in ghee for breakfast, jeera roasted in ghee for evening snacks.
  • Milk twice a day.
  • Moong dal, gourds and rotis for lunch and dinner. The rotis dripped in ghee, enough to fry puris in them.

If I still felt hungry outside this menu, I could eat more ajwain and jeera. Needless to say, I did not eat much for the next 40 days. Even without food scarcity, I went hungry at home.

In bad shape – physically

And, then hogged like crazy once the restriction was lifted. Having a normal delivery, the doctor had advised me to start exercising one month after delivery, I didn’t start at least till six. Whatever little time I got went in sleeping. There was no time and energy left for exercising.

Result – my body had lost shape. And, how!

I looked in the mirror, noticed the sagging boobs, love handles and bulging tummy – I felt bad about them. But, covered them up in oversized clothes. It wasn’t up until one day I tried to fit in my old pair of jeans when I realized how much I had changed.

The episiotomy horror

Well, extra inches wasn’t my only worry. I have had an episiotomy. Anyone who has had one will know what a nightmare it is. And anyone who hasn’t had one, god bless them, they really needn’t know what it is. I prayed that I didn’t have to poop, and if I didn’t poop, I prayed that I could die. It was 2 months of nightmare where I had to sit in hot tubs of salt and Betadine, apply creams so that the stitches healed faster, and sit on a pillow so that the rear didn’t hurt.

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