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31 summer vacation activities for kids that cost nothing

Kids having fun in the sea during summer vacation

31 summer vacation activities for kids that will cost nothing

Summer is here and it won’t be long before the summer holidays begin! You will need summer vacation activities for kids to keep them engaged. What have you planned for activities in the summer season? A holiday trip with the family, a visit to your mother’s house or in law’s place or enrolled your kids into a summer camp.

Well, whatever you do, it won’t take care of the entire summer holidays. I have put together a list of summer fun ideas for kids. These summer vacation ideas are totally fun and something both parents and kids can enjoy together.

So here is the list of summer vacation activities for kids. First, let’s check out the fun summer activities at home for a hot summer day when you don’t want to step out. Then, we will check out some outside activities for kids.:

  1. Make a bird feeder – Take used up toilet paper rolls, spread honey or peanut butter. Roll bird seed or millets. Hang it on a tree branch or outside the window. Let your kids watch as the birds come to eat. Or just get a ready-made bird feeder. But I feel this craft activity is fun and easy too!
  2. Make playdough – It’s easy to make and toddlers love playing with play dough.
  3. Make slime – Older kids love slime. So how about making your own slime at home. There are many YouTube videos on making slime.
  4. Make a popsicle – It’s a fun summer activity that kids absolutely love, and frankly which kid would say no to a popsicle on a hot summer day. Take fresh juices to make popsicles. You can make ice cream with your kids. And maybe some jelly too, if you are at it.
  5. Set up a tent – Using an old saree or bed sheet, set up a tent in the living room. Prop it up like a real tent and spend the night.
  6. Set up a lemonade stall – My 7-year old had set up a lemonade stall with her friend, and not only they earned Rs. 110 in all, but they also had a whale of a time. Try it out – lemonade in summer will be gone in a jiffy!
  7. Scavenger hunt – Organize a scavenger hunt in your home or in the backyard. Kids will love to crack clues and dig up the treasure.
  8. Make a bead curtain – Engage your toddler in some fun beading activity, only if you are sure he won’t swallow the beads.
  9. Paint a T-shirt – Let kids paint their T-shirt or make tie-and-dye designs on them. And they have to wear it too!
  10. Wash a car or bicycle – Kids love playing with water, and if it means getting your car washed too, who’s complaining, right?
  11. Face painting – Get some water paints and let kids have fun.
  12. Learn to cook – Older kids can learn to cook and thus be handy in the kitchen. Every summer vacation since I turned 12, my mother would assign me and my siblings the responsibility of preparing dinner.
  13. Go to the farmer’s market – Every city or town has its own farmer’s market where farmers from nearby villages get their fresh produce. Or better still, get them to visit a real farm. It would be fun for kids to meet actual farmers and interact with them. Once they get to know how much effort goes into producing food, they will think again before making faces at your home cooked meal the next time.
  14. Visit a nearby lake, river or beach – Every city or town has a water body. Take your kids early morning before the sun rises up and have fun cycling, skateboarding, playing games, making sand castles, collecting pebbles, etc.
  15. Go for a hike – Pick an easy hiking trail that you can do with kids. Kids will enjoy spotting birds and other animals that they normally don’t see in their daily life.
  16. Visit the post office – This activity I did with my daughter and she absolutely loved it. A child will understand how the post office mechanism works. Make her write a postcard to her best friend or granny and post it.
  17. Visit a bakery – Many bakeries like to show kids around. So how about kids visiting a local bakery and seeing for themselves how breads are made. They can get a goody bag too! The breakfast is sorted!
  18. Visit a zoo or aquarium – Kids never tire of visiting a zoo or aquarium.
  19. Visit a UNESCO world heritage site – Again, there are many places which have been marked as a UNESCO world heritage site. Find one closest to your city and drive your kids there. Tell them the importance of the place. It could be a step well, cave or an old kesbah.
  20. Sleep on the terrace – If you are a child of 70s, you would know what it means to sleep on the terrace during summer. Place some foldable beds, mattresses and sheets and you and your kids are sorted for the night. Kids will love spotting the stars and constellations.
  21. Visit a temple/synagogue/church – Visit a place of religion other than your faith. If you are a Hindu, visit a Church or a synagogue. Let your kids know how people of other faiths worship.
  22. Visit the potter’s – Kids love to get their hands dirty and what better way to do it than on the pottery wheel.
  23. Visit a laundry place – In India, every city or town has a dhobi ghat or a laundry place where all the laundrymen wash clothes. Take your kids there and make them see men at work.
  24. Visit a museum – When was the last time you or your kid visited a museum. A 5-year old would love the museum as much as you would.
  25. Do a cleaning drive – Let the kids spread the message of ‘Don’t litter’ through a cleaning drive on the street, park or beach.
  26. Plant trees – Summer is the season of yummy mangoes and jamuns. How about planting their seeds in the backyard or on the roadside? Let everyone enjoy the fruits of your labor! ?
  27. See the sunrise – Most kids miss out on the lovely sunrise during school days. How about waking up really early and seeing the sun rise in all its glory!
  28. Visit a relation – Every week visit a relative and get to know the family better.
  29. Visit a flea market – Visit a nearby flea market. Pick up something inexpensive but useful and learn to bargain. If there is no flea market in your town, visit a flower market instead.
  30. Visit a cow shed – Take your child to a cow shed and make them see how cows or buffaloes are milked.
  31. Go to a park – Take your child to a nearby park and practice Yoga or join the laughter club. It should be fun for kids to laugh for apparently no reason.

With so many activities do in summer vacation, I am sure your kids won’t complain of boredom. Do you have a summer bucket list for kids written down? Would love to know your summer vacation checklist too.

Have a great time with these summer vacation activities for kids!!

Kids having fun in the sea during summer vacation

31 summer vacation activities for kids that will cost nothing

Girl having fun with bubbles

31 summer vacation activities for kids that will cost nothing

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  1. These tips are great. Watching the sunrise is an awesome idea. Visit to Sanjay Gandhi National park & Title Waves Library in Mumbai is on my list

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