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Himanshu was extremely busy of late. Weeks passed before he called. He was very inconsistent with messaging and replying to them as well. He seemed to have no plans of coming back to India in the near future. And, Tara was scared to ask Himanshu lest he got upset.

Luckily for Tara, she didn’t let her personal life come in the way of her professional one. If at all, her school work and her kids helped her to stay sane.

Kush came one morning and as was his morning ritual, he came to Tara and hugged her. Then very excitedly, he told her, “Himanshumama (Himanshu uncle) is married.”

Her heart skipped a beat. She thought she had not heard him right.

With a sunken feeling she asked him, “Which mama (uncle)?”

“Himanshumama in London. He is married.”

Kush answered as chirpily as before. He didn’t notice that Tara’s face was drained of all colour or that she was on the verge of fainting.

Tara closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, she found all the kids in the classroom looking at her, especially Kush who was standing right in front of her. She asked him to take his seat. And then announced in the class, “I am not feeling well. Excuse me.”

She got up and immediately held the chair for support. Her legs were wobbly and suddenly she was feeling very weak. Picking up her bag, she went out of the class and straight into the Principal’s office. She pleaded sickness and got the rest of the day off. As soon as she sat in the cab, she dialled up Kush’s mother’s phone to check with her.

“Hello!” She answered.

“Hello, Kush’s mother, this is Taramiss from school.”

“Yes, hello miss. Is Kush alright?” She sounded worried.

“Yes, absolutely. Nothing’s the problem with Kush. It’s just that Kush told me that Himanshu has got married. So just wanted to confirm with you.”

“Miss, I would appreciate if you wouldn’t drag Kush and I in your personal life. Or I would have to report this to the Principal,” saying this she disconnected the phone.

Tara couldn’t believe her ears. Kush’s mother was always so friendly. Why was she behaving as if she was a stranger? Has Himanshu really got married?

She messaged Himanshu, “Did you get married?”

It was sometime before she got the reply. “Yes!”

She called him immediately. But, he didn’t pick up the phone. Tara was devastated. She hadn’t imagined this even in her worst dreams. He wanted space, she gave him that. Where had she gone wrong? Himanshu was her soul-mate.  How could she have lost him?

She reached home and straight away went to her room. Flopping herself on the bed and hiding her face in the pillow, she let out such a painful cry that her mother who was in the kitchen ran towards Tara’s bedroom with ladle in her hand.

“What happened? Why are you crying?” Her mother demanded. Never had she seen her chirpy Tara like this.

She shook her head. “It’s all over. Himanshu married someone else.” She said in between huge sobs that seemed to rob her off her voice.

Her mother was shocked. “What? When? Why? How?”

Tara couldn’t reply, because she didn’t have any of the answers. She continued crying and shaking with pain. Her mother held her tight. Tears streaming down her face as well.

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