This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

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tenth chapter

Tara and Himanshu called each other every day. She left him a ‘Good morning’ message as soon as she woke up, and he left her a ‘Good night’ one when he hit the bed each night.

After a few weeks, the calls were not that frequent anymore. The project and the client demanded much of Himanshu’s time. So, they agreed to call and chat only on weekends. Himanshu visited a new place in London every weekend and described it in detail to Tara. So even without having visited London, she knew one could buy bright scarves at Camden Lock, that Regent Street was very expensive and the summit of the Primrose Hill offered a spectacular view of central London and there was a hedge maze at Hampton Court Palace. She longed to visit all these places with Himanshu.

As the weeks passed, Himanshu got busier with his project and the chats and phone calls became more infrequent. Only a couple of months more, he said. Tara was counting the days before he would come back.

He was already gone five months, when one day Himanshu called. His project was nearing completion, but the client being impressed by his work, wanted him to work on another one. The company wanted Himanshu to stay back for another 6 months.

Tara was greatly upset. She asked him whether he could come back for a few weeks so that they could formalize their relationship. Himanshu got angry.

“Do you think of anything else besides getting married? There are other things in life you know?” He shouted and disconnected the phone.

Of all the things, this was something she was not expecting.

Maybe I am being unjust. He is knee deep in work and all I care about is the wedding. Maybe I should give him a break. Tara knew she was pushing him only at the behest of her father who wanted to see her married. But, that was no excuse. She trusted Himanshu and would marry him whenever he came back, whether it took him 6 months or 2 years.

What will Tara do now? Find out tomorrow in Knock me down.