When my new born’s umbilical cord stump fell off, my mother in law kept it with her. I didn’t want to see this dried and shrivelled piece of skin, though it had nourished my baby for 9 months. But, it did make me wonder if there was something of my daughter that I could preserve. So, when my daughter’s milk tooth fell, I kept it in a tiny silver box as a keepsake, as something to cherish forever.

But, when I came across a picture of a baby tooth pendant on my Facebook wall, I knew that I had got a better solution.

I checked out the Facebook page of Mom’s Memoirs – Wear Her Care by Saakshi Mehra and found that they do breastmilk jewellery, baby’s first lock cuff links, milk tooth pendant, etc. I was fascinated with so many options of keepsake jewellery floating before me. Pity, I didn’t know Saakshi and her venture then, or I would have surely got a breastmilk ornament made from her. Also, I hadn’t kept a lock of my daughter’s first hair when she had her mundan done. But, tooth I had. And, so I got a tooth pendant made.

The entire process is easy and smooth, and Saakshi is a delight to deal with. I just pinged her that I wanted the tooth pendant. And, in two days, I got a kit whose contents included:


  • A card with printed set of instructions
  • A tiny ziplock sachet to carry the tooth
  • A self-addressed envelop

I just did the needful and couriered the envelop with the tooth sachet.

Saakshi gave me a few options for pure silver charms that she would be adding along with the tooth pendant. I picked one, and that was it.

Within a week or 10 days, I again got a ping from her that my pendant was ready and she was sending it across.

And, as promised, I got her parcel. My daughter and I excitedly opened it up.


There was a beautiful wooden box.


On one side of the box there was a picture of my daughter and I (I had completely forgotten that I had sent a picture of Aanya and I upon Saakshi’s request). It’s quite tastefully done.


There was a small card with instructions.


And a cloth bag.


And inside the bag, was the pendant. It was beautiful. I had tears in my eyes and Aanya was jumping with joy.

She couldn’t wait to wear it. Said, “Mama, it’s my tooth, I should get to wear it first.”

And, so this is my little Aanya so excited and happy.


I loved it! If you want to preserve your breast milk or your baby’s hair or tooth, look no further. Mom’s Memoirs is the ideal place to go!

You may write to Saakshi at – or @breastmilkjewelleryandkeepsakesbySaakshi on Facebook.