womens day.jpg
Today is 8th March – the International Women’s Day. BTW, I am sure you didn’t need my reminder.
Because like me, this is how your day would have started (like it does every year) –
1. with umpteen texts, images and gifs wishing us and reminding us that today is a day dedicated to us.
2. messages from numerous coffee shops, pubs, stores, salons and restaurants wooing us with their discounts.
3. cards, roses and chocolates.
Women’s Day is just –
  • One day when we are made to feel like a Queen both in and outside our home.
  • One day when we celebrate our minority.
  • One day when we get together in solidarity.
We are WOMEN, we don’t need ONE DAY to remind us of who we are and what we are capable of. We show the world enough of that the rest of the 364 days.
We don’t need these discounts. We don’t need this solicitation. We don’t need ONE DAY.
What we actually need are –
  • Gender equality – Don’t kill girl child. Love your daughters like your sons. Pay your female employees the same as your male ones for the same position and same responsibilities.
  • Equal opportunity – Give us the same opportunity as menfolk.
  • Stop oppression – Stop beating your wife. Let your daughters work. Stop objectifying us.
 So let’s stop this farce. It’s gone too far already. And, let’s not pity us. We are equals.