Kid, why are you in a hurry to grow up so fast?


In the morning…
Me – I have packed poha (a snack option made of flattened rice) for the short recess and parantha (Indian bread) and curd (Indian yogurt) for the lunch break. And, have added sugar in the curd.

She – Why sugar?

Me – It will give you energy. (She is unwell and has not been eating well these past few days)

She (exasperated) – Sugar is not healthy, don’t you know?

Me – I know. But as I said, you need some energy too, and sugar can give you that.

She shrugging her shoulders – Whatever!!

I gasped. Did she really say that!! I couldn’t believe my ears.

I thought I still had many more years to go before I heard that coming from her mouth. She is 5.5 years old.

Kids grow up quickly. In fact, too quickly for our comfort. What do you think?

Do you have a similar experience to share, mommies? It will definitely make me feel better, knowing that I am not the sole mommy facing this.


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