It was my birthday last week on 21st August. It was my daughter’s birthday last week on 21st August. As well. Nope. It’s not a typo. We share the same birthdate. And it wasn’t planned either. She just decided to pop out on my birthday. My due date was 25th August and she had a variety of dates to choose from – Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami. But she chose my birthday.

Frozen theme birthday cake!!!

I was ecstatic. I had (in the past) always been very enthusiastic about my birthday. I counted days till my birthday. And as soon as the birthday was over, I’d start counting all over again. Yes, you could call me crazy. So having my daughter on my birthday was naturally the best birthday gift ever; I even forgave her for the painful labour. I thought I had got someone to share my birthday with. We would both share our passion for the same birthday. Mama-daughter!

Her first birthday came. People called, my family, my friends. They called me on my phone and asked for the little one. They wished her, though at one she was totally clueless about the hullabaloo. Then they kept the phone down. What about wishing me? It was my birthday too. So rude!

Next birthday she was still not ecstatic about it. As for me, I wanted her to grow up a little so that we could throw a joint birthday party. Third year, and I threw her a little house party calling a few very close friends. She was excited, not for her birthday, but on seeing her friends and sooooo many gifts.

By the fourth birthday came, she knew her mind. She wanted to invite all her friends and wanted a Ben and Holly cake. And, that’s what she got!

I realized that somehow from my birthday or our birthday it has become her birthday. I have poured the enthusiasm of my birthday into hers. So, when the fifth birthday arrived, I was adamant, no big party this time. I wanted to take over my special day. And, so we went off to Goa to bring in our birthdays. Though she cribbed for a while to not have met her friends and received a large number of gifts, she forgot it all as the magic of Goa worked on her. It was a great birthday (a quiet one too), away from noise, gifts and paraphernalia.

But, could I really escape from the birthday mania? Once we came back, a few of her close friends decided to show up with her favourite Elsa and Anna cake and the (unavoidable) gifts! Well, my daughter was ecstatic, she got the best of both worlds. 🙂

Does anyone here share her birthday with their child’s? How do you feel about sharing your birthdays?