a broken glass..and .a child's heart

This incident happened with us a few days ago. We were visiting our very close relatives. Now, my 4-year old absolutely loves them. Even they dote on her.

That evening, we were having dinner on their porch. Nice breeze, dim lights, grilled fish, saffron rice, tandoori roti…all freshly made…it was heaven. Just then my daughter asked for a glass of water, so I went inside and gave her one. As they do not have a small child in their home, they don’t have plastic or steel glasses as I usually hoard.

So my daughter drank her water and was about to keep the glass down on the table, when she missed it and down it came crashing. Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, it didn’t go down very well with the lady of the house. She said sarcastically, “She is 4 years old. Even now she doesn’t how to hold the glass well.”

My husband got upset with her words. I got too. But, the most shocking reaction was my daughter’s. She immediately went and stood at the door. When I asked her, she said, “I do not want to talk to her. She is not good. I want to go back home.” I coaxed her, cajoled her. But, she refused to budge from her place at the door.

We quickly finished our dinner. No one was in the mood to eat much after that. We were about to leave, when the lady’s son taunted me again, “Seems your daughter has yet not grown up for a 4-year old.” This last jibe shocked me to no end. My daughter got upset even more.

It’s been a few days, but she refuses to talk about them and just maintains, “I do not like them. I do not want to go to their house again.” Well, it’s not her, even we don’t feel like visiting them again.

Come on, it was just a ‘glass’ glass. Not a cut crystal, but an ordinary drinking glass. It may be a bit more expensive than what I have at my home. But a broken glass has never put a dent in anyone’s pocket. t had no sentimental value, either. I can understand people who do not have a small child are less tolerant of kids. But dropping a glassware can happen even with fully grown adults.

What they did to my child is irreparable. I didn’t know a 4 year old could be this sensitive. No one shouted at her, however, she felt the sting in their words. I want my child to be emotionally stronger, to not get hurt by such things. She is still too small, and life too long. She will have a tough time if she lets people get to her so easily. I know, because I am no different. Does a sensitive nature is passed on in the genes as well?

I share this incident so that we know that in the heat of the moment, we say some harsh things, we might not intend to, but they still come out of our mouth. These words can do incredible damage to a child’s psyche.