Image: pixabay

Everybody has some fears. I have too. I am extremely afraid of ghosts though I haven’t seen one till date (and don’t want to see one ever!). This fear of ghosts keeps me awake at nights, particularly when I am home alone and hear some strange sounds (well, people tell me even houses make noise). So whether I am thirsty or want to visit the loo urgently, I prefer to stay back because I don’t want to encounter anything paranormal outside my room. Sometimes I chant mantras which are supposed to ward of any evil eye. I don’t know if they really ward off anything but after a while they definitely help me sleep.

Now that I have my daughter, I sometimes wonder if this fear of mine will be passed on to her as well. I really wouldn’t want that. She will develop her own fears in the course of her life; I can’t really do anything about them. But I certainly don’t want her to have mine.

So that means I need to keep up a brave front before her whenever we watch horror movies (I usually close my eyes whenever I anticipate a scary scene). I also need to tell her that there are no ghosts, it’s all created by people who have really nothing to do all day long. But won’t that be lying to her? I am asking her to be brave about something which I am myself scared of terribly. Or may be I should just come out clean with her and tell her ‘Your mommy fears ghosts, but it’s not necessary that you should too.’

I am not sure what will work. But it’s worth a try.

What are your fears? How do you prevent them from passing on to your kids?