10 Things All Diaper Bags Must Have

When I became a mother, I got a few diaper bags as gifts for my newborn. However, none came along with the advice as to what to put inside. Every time I stepped outside, I filled up a diaper bag with stuff I thought I would need only to realize later that though some things came in handy, I had completely forgotten to put some important things in it for the baby. After a few trials, I almost got it there.

Sharing my suggestions for what a first time mommy should carry in a diaper bag.

diaper bag must-haves

Quick Dry Sheet: It soaks little one’s urine up to 8 times. Isn’t it just heaven-sent? Use it as a changing sheet or just for some diaper-free time for your tiny tot.

Cotton Dupatta: It’s another multi-utility thing that should absolutely go in your diaper bag. It doubles up, no triples up as a nursing cover, soft blanket or a baby-wrap. Agreed that it isn’t as cool as the many cute baby blankets available in the market, but it sure wins some points in being innovative. Use a bright printed dupatta to add a little colour and style.

Plastic bag: Always carry a few black plastic bags; they not only come in handy for throwing soiled diapers but also for storing soiled clothes, bibs etc.

Water Bottle: A water bottle/feeder/sippy cup for you as well as your little one.

Formula and snacks: Carry a bottle of formula/dairy if you are bottle-feeding your child. For an older child, always carry some snacks/titbits to munch. I carried snacks in these stay-put suction bowls that attached themselves to any surface and didn’t come off without help.

Change of clothes: Never, I mean never step out of your home without carrying extra clothes for your little one. It might be for only 30 minutes, but accidents don’t plan and happen. I always used to carry two pairs of clothes and also one for me in the diaper bag. Even now, when my daughter is almost three years old, I carry one change of clothes for her. They are kids; you can’t expect them not to spill food or fall down and get dirty.

Toys: Rattles, teethers, pacifiers or board books; anything that works to keep your little one engaged. 🙂

Diapers: Don’t even imagine leaving the house without a few diapers in the bag. An absolute must!

Wipes and Sanitizers: Baby wipes to clean the baby and sanitizing gels and napkins to make you feel human again.

Napkins: If your baby drools (most of them do), always carry some napkins. They can also double up as burp pads.

Mosquito repellent: And last but not the least a mosquito repellent spray, cream (I use Chicco’s) or patch. I may sound like a paranoid mother, but you can never be sure where you find those ghastly insects. And seeing those ugly red swollen patches on my little baby’s skin breaks my heart.

Have I left something? Feel free to add in the comment and I would be obliged.


7 thoughts on “10 Things All Diaper Bags Must Have

  1. So true about the change of clothes. I still make my teens at least bring a different shirt just in case! But I always put a tube of sunscreen in my diaper bag. You never know when your car will break down, or something happens and you need to be outside.
    Thanks for the good advice.

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