Happy breakfast – baked french fries


School mornings are tough (any mother will vouch for that); getting your sleepy preschooler to get ready on time and then serving her fresh breakfast.

I am big on cooked breakfasts. So biscuits, bread or farsaan won’t do. Usually, I give my daughter omelette, soft boiled egg, dosa, chilla (sooji + dal pancake) etc. in the morning.

But today I surprised her with one of her favorites – I told her ‘Get ready quickly. I am making something nice for you.”

That got her pepped up and she was indeed ready in record time of 15 minutes.

And when she saw her breakfast, she was elated. “Mama, fries.”

Of course, the poor darling didn’t know they were not fried but baked. Yes, I gave her baked potato thins for breakfast. It’s needless to say she gobbled them up in no time.

And I got a sweet warm kiss for my effort.

I got this recipe from one of my favorite culinary bloggers, Dimple, on her blog – http://shivaaydelights.wordpress.com/2014/06/21/crispy-potato-thins/.

My variation to her recipe:

Make a mixture of salt, red chilli powder/paprika, roasted cumin powder, crushed dried oregano. Make sure the potato wedges are nicely covered in this masala mixture.

Happy breakfast - baked french fries


Bon Apetit!

happy breakfast - baked french fries


They were yum, I tell you. And tasted more or less like the potato wedges that used to be once available in McDonald’s.

very soon, I am going to try this with sweet potato.


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