Have you got your daughter’s ears pierced?

I don’t understand why everything is such an issue with mothers. Should I give my child sterilized/purified/mineral water? Should I cover my child’s head when I take her out? Should I give sugar or ghee to my little one? It’s like we completely suppress our inner instincts and depend solely on worldly advice. I know motherhood is tough, but sometimes it’s good to listen to your mind. Believe me, it won’t disappoint you.

Have you got your daughter’s ears pierced?

Little gold hoops sitting pretty on her ears

Anyways, the purpose of this post is not to give you a lecture and all. So let me come to the point.

A few days back someone asked me , “When should I get my daughter’s ears pierced?”

That led me to thinking that how piercing my daughter’s ears was never an issue. I had to get it done, and fast. But my problem was that I was not comfortable with a gunshot piercing. The reason being that it uses only treated metal for earrings/studs and not gold and silver. As I am myself quite sensitive to any metal apart from gold and silver, I didn’t want a treated metal to touch my darling’s soft skin.

Well, that left me to the only option of normal piercing where they sharpen the edge of a gold or silver wire and pierce the ear lobes with it. At the other end of the wire is a gold or diamond stud. Once the wire passes through, the goldsmith locks the wire behind the ear so that it doesn’t come off. You may opt for a gold hoop too, it works the same way.

The needle-like sharp edge easily penetrates through the soft skin. Yes, it’s painful but only as much as a normal prick of a syringe. My daughter cried for exactly 5 minutes. I guess it was more from the shock of two people holding her tight than the pain from the piercing.

Anyway, the end result was fantastic. She looked like a little princess with little gold studs.

Have you got your daughter’s ears pierced?

Isn’t she a cute little fashionista?

Oh, yes what I forgot to mention was she was 11 months old by the time I got her ears pierced. There were people who thought my daughter was a boy even when I made her dress in frilly girly frocks and skirts. So to avoid being asked and save myself the time and energy to answer the same ridiculous question, I desperately wanted to get her ears pierced. Believe me, I would have got it done sooner had I been able to find a good goldsmith who did this type of piercing.

My mom had got my ears pierced when I was 3 months old. A baby’s ears are tender and can be easily pierced without hurting her much. Moreover, a baby doesn’t even touch the affected area or play with the earring giving it ample time to heal, whereas a toddler or a grown up kid will start touching the earrings and may hurt by pulling it.

Some quick tips:

  • Don’t touch the area unnecessarily.
  • The prick is so tiny that it heals itself after a couple of days. Hence, no need to apply anything on that area. No antiseptic. If you wish, you may apply ice or turmeric paste.
  • Keep on turning or rotating the ear piece once a day for a few days initially so that there is proper air circulation and the earring doesn’t stick to your child’s skin.
  • Instead of a gunshot, go for natural piercing. The only flip side is that the hole is very narrow even after a considerable length of time. So if you want to change the ear piece, you need to remember to buy one with a thin stick.
  • Also, remember to buy a short stick so that it doesn’t bruise your child’s delicate skin behind the ears.


Have you got your daughter’s ears pierced?

My little A in her diamond studs

My little darling already owns 5 pairs of pretty earrings which I keep on changing frequently.


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