Come summer holidays and a mother’s responsibilities double up. She not only needs to keep her kids inside the house but also keep them away from the health complications of this hot season.

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Here are a few things that every mother needs to take care of her kids in the summer:

Treating nose bleeds: Although they are not alarming unless they occur frequently, but they can be quite scary for a child. My little brother would get frequent nosebleeds during summer. Here’s a few tips from my mom to make the nosebleed stop:

  • Make your child sit on a chair and tilt his head slightly forward.
  • Rub ice over his nose and cheeks.
  • Fold a big napkin, keep it under the nose and apply pressure.
  • Rub some Vaseline or castor oil inside the nose but only once the bleeding stops.

Keeping kids hydrated: Kids lose a lot of fluids while playing out in the heat. And they are so busy playing that they don’t even realize that they are thirsty. This becomes a big challenge for the mothers. Usually, when my little one goes down to play, I give her a water bottle so that she can drink whenever she feels thirsty.

Also, kids like to have interesting options. So give them nimbu pani, coconut water, butter milk, aam panna, khus khus water, kokum sherbet.

tips to keep your kids cool this summer

Keep their bodies cool: It’s very important to keep the little bodies cool. I am not suggesting you keep them confined to an air-conditioned room. Try it, that won’t work for much longer. The best thing is to give kids certain foods that keep their body temperature down.

While growing up in Ahmedabad, my mom used to give us raw mango panna and raw mango chutney to beat the warm winds ‘loo’.

Recipe for raw mango chutney:

Grate 1 raw mango and 1 medium-sized onion (you may even finely chop them). Add jaggery, salt, red chilli powder to it and mix it well. It tastes awesome with chapatti.

Give your child gulkand or soak 5 black raisins in water overnight and give it to your child every morning.

Here are a few tips that the Headmistress of my school used to share with us before every summer holidays. They are quite handy. They were for me.

  • A few times a day, pour cold (from earthen pot) water on your child’s pulse points like on the wrists, inside of the elbows and behind the knees.
  • Whenever your child comes back home from outside, ask him to splash cold water in his eyes and face. Some kids experience burning sensation in the eyes due to excessive heat. This will help.
  • Cotton is the keyword. Make your child wear loose cotton clothes. It helps keep them cool and allows free circulation of air.
  • Bathe your kid in neem water for prickly heat. Soak neem leaves in water overnight and boil them the next morning.
  • Always soak mangoes in water for 20-30 minutes prior to cutting and serving.
  • Keep your child indoors (I know it’s difficult) from 12 to 5 in the afternoon as the sun is at its worst during those hours.
  • Avoid making your child have sugarcane juice, ice lollies (golas) at dubious places.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t drink or eat chilled things immediately after coming from outside. It may lead to a sore throat.

These are from me at the moment. Do you have some more tips to keep your child cool in the terrible heat of the summer? Feel free to share them here.