Toddler Friendship: Friends Forever

You do remember Jai and Veeru from Sholay, don’t you? Well, this is an example of another such blossoming friendship.

toddler friendship

So my little daughter has a friend, Simba, who is her age and stays in the same building. Now these two are so inseparable; they play together thrice a day but still whenever the time’s up, they come back home crying. They want to play more. That I can understand. But they want to play more with each other. So more often than not, either Simba comes to our home or Aanya ends up at her house. They are like long lost sisters.

And it’s not even that they hold long conversations with each other; in fact talking is the only thing that they don’t do much. If one plays with the ball, the other one wants too. If one goes up the slide, the other one will follow suit. Sometimes they have a tussle too where one pushes and the other scratches, one bites and the other pulls the hair. But the next minute, they forget all about it and then again start playing together.

Now what is interesting is this little piece of incident that Simba’s mother narrated to me. Apparently, Simba was standing in the kitchen facing their little temple. She folder her hands and said, “Jai jai, I want Aanya. Give Aanya to me.” Her mother was dumbfounded. And when she told me I was too.

Who wouldn’t? How a 2-year old could say that? Though we both had a good laugh over it, we could never fathom the sentiments of the little girl. She will forget all about it in a few years. She will meet new people, make new friends. And these days will be long forgotten.

But as for now, as far as friendship goes, this must be the truest friendship in kids their age.

What do you think?


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