You are thin and it’s my fault

A mother’s life is full of ifs and buts; these and thats. She tries her best and gives her best; but that’s always not enough. She is the first person to admit that. But that again is not enough for the society for they make her realize every now and then, her shortcomings.

You are thin and it’s my fault

Have you ever been told, “Your child is looking thin?” I am sure all mothers are told that more frequently than they’d like to hear.

I am told this quite often by friends, relatives and well-wishers (whatever it means).

“Your daughter is looking very thin.” A general observation but somehow it sounds like an accusation and makes the mother appear careless and irresponsible.

I reply, “Yes, she appears thinner because she has gained height recently.” But apparently, that’s not enough.

“But still, you should take care of her diet or she will become weak.” My patience is running thin.

Do you think I starve my little child? I feel like flinging that in their face.

I don’t know why I argue when fleeing the scene is so much more convenient. But I doggedly persist. “Her paediatrician says she is slightly overweight and already weighing like a 3 yr old.”

They look at me unbelievingly. Do they think I would lie about such things? I am furious but instead of giving them a piece of my mind, I choose to stay mum. I should have done it before.

I dread this question since the day my daughter was born. She was a small child weighing only 2.2 kilos. Every person who came to see me would remark, “Oh, she is so weak.” And it would make me cry and worry unnecessarily.

Then her paediatrician told me, “She is small, not weak. Just look at the strong grip of her fingers and the way she moves her legs.”

He was right. I was reassured. Somehow he had guessed the plight of a new mother.

People have a habit of commenting on the child’s weight, no matter what. It doesn’t make them an expert on child upbringing. So don’t listen to them, go by the doc. Well, that goes for me as well.


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