I have been having many sleepless nights thinking of the same. So thought of offloading it here to get your opinion too.

travailler moins pour travailler tous

This French reform not only took the entire nation by storm but also made the world notice them. In literal English, it means “let’s work less so that all can work”. Very practical in today’s world, isn’t it? But more so for women folk. Let me tell you why?

Everyday hundreds of women leave the active workforce to embrace motherhood. While we wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in this world, there is another daunting truth; we yearn for the work life.  We miss the work, the easy camaraderie of the colleagues, those social tea and loo breaks and the stimulating interaction with the customers and superiors. Sigh, sigh, sigh!!! While we watch with pride and ecstasy our little one grow, we also lament the stagnation of our own personal growth.

But leaving our little baby for the whole day in a day care centre or at home with a maid is not a viable option. So what do we do? We sacrifice our career and our individuality. On the other side, we work full-time (sometimes odd hours too) leaving behind our precious baby to support our family and/or to cater to our self-respect. But every time, we secretly step out of the house lest our baby sees us and starts wailing, we are attacked by guilt and self-reproach.

Shouldn’t I be spending some more time with my little darling? He will grow soon and I will miss these important years of her childhood.

What I wouldn’t give to be near her more and longer? May be I will forego some part of my salary too.

So there are two sets of mothers; one working and one non-working. Both are unhappy with their situation. Can something be done to improve it? Let’s see. Now we come to our title Travailler moins pour travailler tous.

If we accept to work less, that will not only create more job opportunities but also provide a long-term solution for working mothers to be more at home with their kids. 5-6 working hours a day or 3-4 working days a week is something that most women will be comfortable doing. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. Working mothers at a lesser pay (less work too) get to stay home more and non-working mothers who are longing to work can work half/part time as per their comfort level. This is a sure-shot way of having well-rounded children (the future citizens of this country) who spend a good amount of time at home under the care of their mothers and also happy and satisfied women workforce.

Is it asking for too much from the individuals, the society, the establishments and the Government?