Whenever I read the news of corrupt Indian officials accepting bribes, instead of the recipients, I blame the givers. Yes, that’s true because somehow I am a part of this ecosystem too.


And no, no..don’t take me wrong. I have not bribed any officials, not yet. But I still bribe all the time, my 2-year old. I don’t recollect when and how it all started. But I guess all mothers (most of them anyway) will vouch for this great system of bribery which keeps our life going and keeps us sane.

So whether I want her to take a bath, polish off her food or sleep, I shamelessly resort to bribery. And what do I bribe with? Money, nah, won’t do. Food, I don’t encourage.  I bribe her with more play time, storytelling and hugs and kisses. It works most of the time. Thankfully.

I am sure some may argue and some may criticize. People say that when the kids grow older, they start manipulating us by asking for such bribes at each instance. I refuse to accept. Kids are no fools; they know when and where to draw the line. They know what will be acceptable to their parents. It’s not that a kid will ask for the moon and he is going to have one.

So why should I worry about something that’s not gonna happen, ever, and not make my life less miserable now.

What do you think, mommies? Let me know only if you have sufficient reasons to convince me I am wrong.