All my life, I have heard the elders saying “the clothes have become shorter”. As if they actually could. Curious by nature, I probed deeper. What I learnt was that one must not say that the baby has outgrown the clothes, it’s a superstition; it may hamper the growth and affect the health of the baby. Yes, it may sound like a lot of hogwash, but believe me when it comes to babies, even an educated, practical and worldly-wise mother can start being superstitious.

baby clothes

There was a time when my little baby was gifted with so many clothes that even if I changed her four times a day, she would still be left with a few new dresses at the end of the month. Well, as my lazy hands didn’t allow me to change her four times a day, I was left with quite a few pair of new clothes. When I came back to them a month later, I found those teeny-weeny clothes have become too short for my little darling to wear.


So what if they had become short for my baby, they could be useful to others. So, I didn’t discard them but kept them with utmost care. Till date, I have been passing them on to friends, neighbours and family. And it gives me immense pleasure to see the lovely babies wearing those teeny weeny clothes.