You must have heard this said innumerable times “Speak up, no question is a bad question.” But I will tell you something today, ‘A question may not be bad, but it sure can be silly.”


I am surprised at the frequency of silly questions that I come across these days. Or may be I did before too, it’s just that my tolerance level is dipping day by day thanks to my hell-raising toddler. One more excuse to dump the blame on her. Lol!

Well, jokes apart, these are some silly questions that I have come across recently. Tell me if you find them silly or not.

If I give my 2 months a pacifier, will it become a habit with him?

Come on, woman, why do you want to give him a pacifier if not for the habit?

The paediatrician has asked to start solids for my daughter at 4 months. Is it ok? Please advice. I totally trust my paediatrician and he is very experienced.

Then why do you ask? Trust your doc and leave it at that.

I want to know which dry fruits I can use if I want to make a dry fruit mixture powder to put in milk for my li’l one who is 2 yrs.

A 2-yr old nowadays effortlessly eats and digests greasy chips and noodles; he is more exposed to international foods than we ever were at that age. That means he can eat all dry fruits too. Just use all that you would put in a regular dry fruit mixture too.

Is it safe to have antibiotics while breastfeeding?

Why didn’t you ask the doctor who prescribed them, lady?

How do I make my toddler listen to me when I call him? He just keeps running/ doing whatever when I call him. I fail to understand this act.

Seriously, that’s your question??? I’d say Welcome to Motherhood!

I have a 1 yr old who used to sleep on one place at nights but since the past 2 months he moves around on the bed in sleep like rolling from one side to the other etc. Wonder what can be the issue?

Simple, your luck ran out….

My LO who is of 6 months sleeps throughout the night…is that ok or should I wake him up for feeds???

Are you out of your mind? Bless your little angel and enjoy your sleep while it lasts.

I can understand that the Internet is within easy reach and sometimes it’s easier to type than to think aloud. But seriously ladies, first speak out the thought aloud two or three times and if it sounds logical to your ears, then you ask. It will save you your reputation and others some time.

I can understand being a first time mother and raising a child in a nuclear family is exhausting, both mentally and physically. And also that we are always worried about our kids. But that’s no reason to become absurd. We mothers as such get a lot of flak for our obsession with our kids and forgetfulness of all others things if they are not remotely connected to them; let’s not give them some more reasons to question our sanity too. The Internet is already flooded with Yo Mama jokes, do we want some more to pull us down?

Ladies, during childbirth just push out the child and not your brains.

Have you come across any weird questions recently? Do share.

PS: My intention here is not to hurt anybody’s feelings or sentiments, but to see and appreciate humour in little thoughts and tasks of motherhood.