what's your rashi

When I was pregnant, I was asked by quite a few people, “Have you thought of a name for your baby?”

In fact, since years I had secretly thought of my baby’s name if it were a girl. But not one to reveal, I simply admitted, “Yes, I have.” And, thankfully, they didn’t persist.

“But don’t you want to name him or her on the rashi?”

“No,” I said. My name’s not on rashi (astrology) either and I am doing just fine. So I couldn’t find a good enough reason to name my child on rashi.

“But astrologically named child has a better future prospects,” somebody said.

“Seriously? Says who?” I asked sarcastically. “Einstein, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who cared for their rashi?”

I know astrology is a great science but I believe in it only when it suits my purpose. I am definitely not someone who consults her horoscope every time she has to step out of the house or go to pee.

But then I thought, “What’s the harm in naming as per astrology?”

I had only one condition. “It has to be a good letter like ‘a’ or ‘s’ (they have the best of names). No way I am going to name my child on ‘bh’, ‘f’, ‘d’, or any such god-forsaken alphabet.”

And surprise of all surprises, her rashi was A. Was I happy? Only a little. Why? Remember, earlier I had mentioned that I had a secret name. Well, the luck didn’t extend to it. Anyways, not one to mop around, I soon started looking for beautiful but less known names on A.

Though we shortlisted a few – Aisha, Aahna, Arushi, Ashna, none struck the chord. Then out of the blue I remembered Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I loved the name Anna though a little traditional. While searching on the Internet for variants of Anna, I came across Aanya, a name quite popular in Hebrew and Persian that means ‘someone full of grace’ and ‘precious’ respectively. And surprise of all surprise, it exists in Sanskrit too where it means ‘unique’.

I instantly liked the name and also the fact that I had never come across any girl called Aanya. So we officially named her Aanya. But as luck would have it, during the next few days I came to know that Aanya was the most popular or trending name of the season and everybody (you feel I am exaggerating? Well, I am absolutely not) who had a daughter was naming her Aanya. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Now wherever I go I meet several little Aanyas.

Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t believed in this astrology thing and named her what I had always wanted to. Sigh!

Do you believe in astrology? Have you named your child on rashi too??