On a Sunday evening, a few months ago, my husband and I were discussing and lamenting the fact that our little daughter was growing up fast and within no time she wouldn’t be little any more. She would start going to the school, hanging out with her group of friends, rebelling us as a teenager, going out with boys and then would leave the nest for higher studies and finally marriage.

That’s when my husband remarked, “I really wish that our daughter turns out to be a lesbian.”

It was such an out of the blue remark that I was shocked. “Why would you wish that?” I asked him.

“So that she not only stays with us forever but we also get one more daughter. Just imagine how wonderful would that be!” I could not find fault with his channel of thought. So I merely smiled.

supreme courts anti-gay verdict

But reading the Supreme Court’s anti-gay verdict of 11th December, 2013 and section 377, I now doubt the wisdom behind my husband’s very innocuous remark. Today, I am sad for my daughter and thousands of sons-daughters of this country.

Why would I want my child to be a homosexual if she couldn’t enjoy her freedom as a citizen of this country? If she has to stay inside the closet and forget her real identity?

Why should she announce to the world that she is a gay if her safety is threatened and she is treated like a common criminal?

What sort of parents can see their children withering away in oppression?

Who are we to decide what is natural and what is not?

More importantly, we are a progressive nation; we have far more threatening issues to handle than worry about how people are having sex.

We all know Love is blind; it sees no color, age and nationality then why should it be discriminated on gender. Love is free and we are free to love.

I don’t know if my little one will turn out to be straight or gay, but in either case, I will be with her. I have promised to myself and my little one that I will always keep her happy (as all parents do), I hope I am able to keep IT.