The day I announced my intention of becoming a mother, my husband said, “Hmmm. Kiss your career goodbye.”

I pooh-poohed the comment. “It will be only for a year. Then I will start again.” I replied confidently.

“It’s easier said than done. Once you have your little bundle of velvet skin in your arms, all your ambitions and career will be out of the window.”

A year came and went. My husband inquired ever so innocently, “When are you starting looking for a job?”

“Mmm. I think it’s too early. I am not ready yet. She is at an age where she needs me around. You know what I think I will wait for one more year.”

One more year came and went. My little dumpling turned two.

My husband again inquired. “So do you think you are finally ready?”

I was dreading the question but was prepared for it too. Who was I trying to fool anyway?

“I can’t do a full time job yet. I don’t think I can leave my precious daughter alone with a maid at home or at a day care center. You hear such horror stories every day. But I will find a work-from-home position.” I said. He just smirked. He didn’t need to say it aloud, “I told you so!”

But where are the jobs? Just because I am a stay-at-home-mother, people treat me as a social pariah. Just because I can’t step out of the house people think I am not committed or responsible or dedicated enough. Our country wants well-rounded children but not mothers. Why this apathy towards work from home mothers?

Somebody said you can’t become Chanda Kochhar or Indra Nooyi sitting at home. I say I don’t want to be them; I just want to be myself, a mother who wants to find her identity too. Is that too much to ask?