Post-delivery when you are in confinement for 30-40 day period, confinement nanny is the person who stays by your side day-in and day-out this entire duration. She sleeps in your room during this period to help you during the night. She is a person who specializes in new-born as well as mother care.

Her primary chores include:

  • Massaging and giving the infant a bath
  • Cleaning and changing the infant as and when required.
  • Massaging you and giving you a bath
  • Washing infant’s and your clothes
  • Applying ointment on your stitches
  • Teaching you how to nurse/feed and change the baby

Believe me, a confinement nanny is a big help during the first month after delivery when your stitches are hurting you, your baby gives you a hard time because of her erratic sleeping habits (infants do not follow day and night schedules, whenever they are hungry, it’s daytime for them) or bawling her lungs out because of colic or some other discomfort.

But getting a good professional nanny is a matter of luck. I have heard some horror stories too that they sleep while the new mother tends to her baby or are not very accommodating to the general household schedule. But start looking for one as soon as you come to know of your pregnancy. Usually, a confinement nanny gets hired by word of mouth but you may contact a Maid/Nanny centre for one.

I had an awesome confinement nanny who was a pro at her profession and took her work very seriously. Without her, I would have been lost in a sea of well-meant but tiresome advice. I remember her shooing away the visitors from my room, if she saw my tired face, on the pretext of nursing time, nap time etc. Towards the end of her stay, I learnt from her how to massage the baby and give her bath (though it sounds simple, I was very scared of doing anything wrong to my tiny and delicate baby). Even after the necessary download from her, at the end of her tenure, I was quite sorry to see her go.