I still remember my baby’s first cry, her first smile, her first cooing, her first word, her first step and so on. But there are other similar firsts that I remember more vividly. After all they were important milestones for me too as a mother. Oh yes, I am talking about the first time my little baby ate solids, the first time she walked on her own, the first time she went to the school and the first time she went to a birthday party all alone. After all, it signifies that my baby is growing up and is becoming independent of me.

I still remember the days when my little daughter was so teeny-tiny and totally dependent on me for her needs and I was her whole world. Now, I am scared because I realize that with each day her needs are growing and sadly I alone cannot take care of them. She needs other people too; her teachers and friends. I admit I am a little jealous when others stake claim on my baby.

The frightening part is that my thoughts leapfrog into the future and see her cooped up in her room with her teenage friends as the old mamma is too un-happening to be included in the party or worse still leaving the nest leaving her old parents behind. And then what will happen? Shhh….I don’t wanna see and think that far. For the moment, let me enjoy the present with my baby and her still to come many firsts.