My little pumpkin has a weird habit of pinching the skin on my neck. She keeps on twisting the delicate skin there till she falls asleep. She can’t sleep without doing it. Very well for her, but my neck always sports large angry scratch marks and purple bruises as if I have been man-handled by a pawed animal.

What started as an innocuous habit has taken a nasty turn? I remember last October when she was not well, she would place her warm little fingers around my neck while sleeping. This would comfort her and she would go to sleep. But I didn’t realize that it would become a permanent habit which would be difficult to stop. We have tried everything in the book to make her drop it but to no avail.

I have tried giving her a cuddly teddy bear, slept in a different room and have let her cry off to sleep; but it’s back to the same thing whenever she finds me close.

A few days back, she contracted a bad cough which would wake her up from sleep in the middle of the night and then she would cry. I put her on my tummy and patted her to sleep. Don’t know how but it actually helped. Now the cough’s gone and she is back to being a naughty cherub. But come sleeping time and she wants to sleep on my tummy. As if the pinching wasn’t bad enough, now I need to contend with this.

I don’t seem to learn from my mistakes, do I?