What to expect during a normal delivery?

You must have seen ample movies where they show you women in child birth pushing hard a couple of times and lo, the baby’s out; all pink and pretty. Well friends, in reality it’s a different scenario altogether. Trust the cinema to leave out the gory details.

natural delivery

I hadn’t thought much about the labour room except that there will be the doctor and a midwife to assist in the childbirth. So just imagine my shock when I saw a horde of people, six to be precise standing in the labour room. They were the delivery team; midwives, assistants and trainees. But once I was over the initial shock, I couldn’t have cared less. In the throes of pain, I was neither embarrassed nor concerned about these strange people peering down my vagina. But it sure looked like a scene out of a cheap sex comedy. And it would have been funny too if only I had been in the mood to appreciate. 😉

Next, mine was an episiotomy without my knowledge. In spite of my extensive reading on pregnancy and childbirth, I can’t figure out till this date how could I have not known about episiotomy. Anyways, as I came to know later, episiotomy helps facilitate easy and speedy birthing and prevents rupture of tissues. My doctor gave me local anesthesia around the vagina and then made a cut with scissors between the vagina and anus. It didn’t hurt then, but later I was cursing the doctor every single minute.

But the best part is when you are actually delivering. Did you know that with each push, you push out liquidy poo too? Yes, you read it right dearies. Are you shocked? Don’t be. The doctor and the delivery team were well equipped for it and they kept on wiping up the poo each time I threw out.

And for myself, I couldn’t care less. I had a more pressing matter to attend to.

I remember I screamed and howled in pain and the midwives shushed me up every time I did so. Also, like a true movie buff, I held the bed post when the midwife told me, “This is not a Bollywood movie. Hands down by your side.”

I felt like asking, “Really? Then how will the child come out?” But I was too stressed out to voice it. I meekly did what I was asked to.

I breathed and pushed, pushed and breathed, though it became increasingly difficult to do both after sometime. But somehow I sailed through. I also remember that the labor room felt hot, stuffy and claustrophobic. Thank God, it got over soon.

And once the baby was out after a lot of hard work, it’s only a matter of minutes when they delivered the placenta too.

Then started the stitching up process. After all that I had gone through, stitching was a dream. And once the baby was out, I could just hear her cries and wanted desperately to take her in my arms. I felt strong enough to run a Marathon but when asked to, I couldn’t even get up because of the numbness in the lower region. But don’t worry, the effect wearies off in a hour or two.

One that I learnt from my birthing experience is:

In spite of reading the books and talking to all the experienced people, you can still be never prepared for your birthing experience. Your pain is yours and so is your experience.

So how was your birthing experience?



2 thoughts on “What to expect during a normal delivery?

  1. I sometimes wonder if I should be happy or sad about not going through normal delivery. I feel as if I have missed an unique experience… the only thing i remember is lying on the labour bed and phew, my baby was out just after just 2-3 minutes…i didnt register even a single moment of childbirth actually!

    • It’s undoubtedly a unique experience. But the pains are also phenomenal. What matters is a healthy child at the end of the ordeal; be it through a natural childbirth or c-section.

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