Is your toddler ready for preschool?

My little pumpkin was barely 13 months, when I visited a few preschools in my area. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t as if I intended to put my darling little baby to preschool there and then. But I just wanted to check out a few options for when the actual time came. The first school I went asked me if my baby could walk. Like a typical mother who was proud of her child’s achievements, I replied smugly, “She can run like a pro.”

The teacher said, “Good. You can put her in the preschool tomorrow if you’d like.”

I was shocked. “But she is only 13 months old,” I replied.

“Ma’am, for us the criteria is that the baby should walk.”

I replied that I was unprepared to put my baby as such a young age and walked out of the school. That was then and I forgot the chapter. But a few months later we went to her pediatrician with a couple of complaints:

  • My daughter had become very stubborn and aggressive
  • She wanted our attention all the time which was impractical (both of us were working)

The doctor understood our concerns and gave one solution to it.

Put her to playschool!

But isn’t she too small for that? She is only 1.5 years.

A single child staying in a nuclear family often turns stubborn, violent and demanding. As working parents, we are not able to give our kids the kind of attention they seek. In a school, when they meet new people, kids their own age, they become calm, socially interactive, accepting of others and learn sharing.

Needless to say we scampered to enrol our daughter in a good playschool.

Keep in mind, most preschools accept kids at the age of 1.25 yrs. If you feel you are not able to keep up with your child’s energy, enthusiasm and curiosity, then put her to a school. Preschool curriculum is designed in such a way that they keep the toddlers busy while promoting their physical and mental development and encouraging their natural curiosity. Believe me when I say your kids will benefit from meeting new and friendlier faces, playing with kids their age etc.


2 thoughts on “Is your toddler ready for preschool?

  1. I completely agree with this. An early enrolment to preschool is good for our kids- they not only become more disciplined but also learn a lot by being around others kids of same age.

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