How to know you are pregnant?

If you have tried all techniques to get pregnant, you must be dying with impatience to know if you are pregnant. I know I was. But I knew I was pregnant even before my period date. I felt heaviness, cramping (different sort than those experienced during menses) and spotting. Somehow, my body felt different and I realized it had to be pregnancy. When I missed the period date, it just confirmed my suspicion.

Yes, some women come to know that they are pregnant early on in their pregnancy. Blame their over-active sixth sense. But usually a missed period is the first indication that you are pregnant.­ And, if you are one of those who have irregular period, it may be quite a while (unless the morning sickness hits you) before you realize you are pregnant.

Generally you can know you are pregnant by these signs of pregnancy (two or more at the same time).

  • spotting and cramping,
  • abdominal bloating,
  • breasts feel unusually tender and sore,
  • feel tired and exhausted all the time (I remember how even talking on the phone would drain all the energy out of me),
  • feel like vomiting even if at the slight whiff of food,
  • pee fairly often,
  • suffer from constipation,
  • and finally, you yell at your poor husband or other members of the family with no apparent reason,

then my dear friend, congratulations are in order for you are surely pregnant.


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