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13 reasons why you should love the terrible twos

Toddler loving her mother

13 reasons to enjoy the terrible twos

A few days ago I had written a post on how terrible twos affect you as a parent. One of my friends, who is also a mother of a to be soon toddler wrote to me that my list of terrible twos was enlightening enough to be frightening.

That made me think. Terrible twos of your toddler is not all that terrible. Agreed, there are tantrums. But it’s a highly enjoyable phase too. So here I am writing about the other side of the terrible twos; some fun and lovely moments that I am enjoying with my toddler.

  • They talk and your house is a livelier place. You may sometimes yearn for silence, but over all you enjoy your little chatterbox. It’s entertainment 24/7. Tell me if you really miss Netflix and drama.
  • They make a mess and you still like it. I never thought I would live to tell this. But it’s true. The toys never stay for long in their cupboard. They are out in the drawing room, kitchen, on the top of your bed; just about everywhere they could find a place to be visible. Remember, un-clutter and spic and span are for museums not for homes that have toddlers.
  • They make you feel so important. Don’t you love the attention that you get from your toddler? The whole world may forget, you but not your child. The way she looks at you, smiles at you, laughs with you and comes crying to you for every small thing. Yes, it’s overwhelming, but you’d be lying if you tell me that you don’t enjoy it.
  • They make you feel like a baby and you love it. I don’t have many memories of being a child, so I love it when my toddler makes me feel like a baby. Even though it’s for a little while, she becomes the mama and I, the child.

“Mama, why are you spilling water on the floor?”

“Don’t do that, mama. It’s bad manners.”

“Say ‘thank you’ to me.”

My words thrown back at me, all so very innocently.

  • They comfort you. I spend many a nights holding my child’s hand or snuggling her close to my body. I tell myself that I am doing this so that she isn’t cold. But I am fooling nobody. I do it because I feel comfortable holding her close. Not only this, my daughter kisses my bruises and wipes my tears saying, “It’s alright. Okay mama.” And miraculously, the pain disappears.
  • They spruce up the house for free. You have a Van Gogh, Picasso or Renoir (or maybe all of them in one) right in your home and they draw and paint for absolutely free. The doodles on the walls, floors and books; they are all masterpieces.
  • They make you feel young all over again. When you double up as a horse for them or carry them on your shoulders, you are amazed at the oodles of energy flowing from you. Where was this enthusiasm when you were simply a couch potato?
  • They feed you like a baby. Don’t you love eating food off those tiny fingers and rubbing your tummy as if full? The food may be imaginary, but their intentions are not. And you are satiated nonetheless.
  • They teach you a thing or two about life. I can’t get started without writing a thesis on this. They teach you a lot of things that you have chosen to forget in the process of growing up. They teach you how it is okay to take a break once in a while. They teach you the world doesn’t stop just because you are not working one day. They teach you it’s more fun to forget and forgive and move on in life. They teach you that life’s pleasures are in simple and inexpensive things. See I told youit will be tough for me to stop once I get started. 😉
  • They make a good chef out of you. You may hate cooking or may be an expert at burning meals (even Maggi) or under-cooking them, but when it comes to the nutrition and health of your toddler, you rustle up meals like a seasoned chef.
  • They make a ferocious tigress out of you. You may be a meek and a sympathetic soul, but when it comes to your child, you become a ferocious tigress in a matter of seconds. Your child always comes first.
  • They become our perfect excuse. Whenever you want to cut short a ridiculously long and boring phone conversation or get out of a dreaded situation, you just need to name the ‘devil’ and you are sorted. Nobody minds it, no sulking or raised eyebrows. Remember, it may swing the other way too when you want to talk or attend a social-do but your toddler doesn’t allow you to. But let’s not go that way; here we shall stick only to the fun side of toddlerhood.
  • They keep you entertained. Be it their out-of-the-box shenanigans or recently acquired vocabulary, they keep you in splits better than any of your favorite sitcoms. My daughter told me, after repeated efforts to catch my attention, “Mama, get up. Your baby is hungry!” It took me five minutes to recover from a bout of uncontrollable laughter.

Can you think of some more reasons to enjoy your toddler? I would love to hear from you the fun part of terrible twos.

Toddler licking cupcake

13 reasons to enjoy the terrible twos

Toddler loving her mother

13 reasons to enjoy the terrible twos

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  1. These are all true. I love age two. Even her tantrums are sometimes cute. My daughter was a very difficult infant, so toddler time has been a breeze. This age is so fun. I wish I could freeze it a little longer, but alas they grow far too fast.

    • You are so right, they grow up really fast.
      As my child is transitioning from a toddler to a preschooler, I miss those cutesy toddler days. I would wake up each morning with a smile anticipating her new shenanigans.

  2. Love this great little reminder that the terrible twos can also be the terrific twos depending on how you look at it!

    • Absolutely, it all depends on how we look at it, but I am sure terrible or terrific, all mothers must miss their kids’ toddlerhood days.

      Thanks so much for appreciating it… 🙂 🙂

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