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12 useful apps that make a mommy’s life smooth and easy

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Apps on my smartphone

I am not a very gadget or technology savvy person. In fact, my 6-year old handles apps more intelligently than I am capable of. However, you will find these 12 apps on my smartphone and believe me when I tell you, I couldn’t be more thankful for their existence because they make mine that much easier and happier.

Before going ahead, I need to admit that this is a non-sponsored post, that means I have not received any payment in cash or in kind to write this post or to include the names of these apps. Also, the opinion expressed are mine and mine alone.

Parenting apps

After years of parenting, you may think you are a pro at it, but these parenting platforms keep you abreast of all that is happening, new and old in the parenting world. Momspresso (earlier Mycity4kids) is the first parenting platform I started writing for, they have a vast reach and a plethora of blogs and activities for kids. BabyChakra is another parenting platform close to my heart as I have been associated with it since its inception. It is ideal for new mothers and mothers of kids upto 6 years old. World of Moms is again a very useful parenting site that offers mothers insightful articles and posts on parenting.

Booking cabs apps

I don’t know how we lived earlier without Ola and Uber, but now they have become an integral part of our life. Though rickshaws are still the preferred mode of transport for shorter distances, for longer distances I don’t think beyond these app-based taxis. I don’t have to rely on kaali-peelis and their inconsistent mood swings when I am standing at the airport or the station early morning or late night. I still remember as a newly wedded bride, I had stepped out of Bandra station early morning only to haggle with a rowdy group of kaali-peelis. It certainly snatched away the romance of Mumbai for me as a stars-in-your-eyes bride.

Ola and Uber come to my rescue, especially I prefer them when I have my daughter with me.

Shopping apps for adults

What would I do without Amazon and Myntra? Not much really. From anything to toys or books and home furnishings, I go to Amazon. And Myntra is my entire shopping mall rolled into one app, need I say anything else? Though there are other apps, I prefer Myntra to be exhaustive in its choices of brands and styles.

Shopping apps for kids

I have been shopping consistently on Hopscotch since my daughter was 1 year old. They have extraordinary stuff for kids, especially smaller kids till 5 years age. Recently, I bought a swimsuit from them which was a tad short for my daughter. Though it was a non-returnable item, the customer service heard my appeal and replaced the item within 48 hours. It’s really commendable.

Fitness apps

A mommy needs to stay fit too. Hence, a fitness app is a must in her list of smartphone apps. Bon happétee is my go to app for meal logging and staying consistent in my weight for last almost 2 years. It is synced with Apple watch and Google fit, so it tracks my steps, etc. However, I use it the most for its recommendation engine that plans my food that in turn keeps my weight in check.

Leisure time apps

I love watching movies, both on TV and in cinemas. So IMDB is a must for me to check out the plot, star cast, review and rating of a particular movie. And Book My Show comes in handy for booking tickets, it’s so easy, it’s like a dream. I feel uncomfortable reading on smartphone screens, hence the Kindle app is not for me.

Payment apps

I admit I installed it on that fateful night of 8th November 2016, when suddenly my bank account was locked and the cash (large notes) in my cupboard rendered useless. Since then I have used it on numerous occasions and love it for its ease of transactions. Whenever my friends or I pick up things for one another, we reimburse the other person through paytm. It’s particularly handy for paying for small items. In case, I don’t carry cash with me, my smartphone is enough as I can pay via paytm.

Online food delivery apps

Mothers cook, but then there are off days too when we order or go out to eat. I have been faithful to Zomato since a long time. It not only gives me recommendations for restaurants, but now I can place my food order too. Though there are other apps like Swiggy in the market, I still prefer Zomato. Old habits die hard, you see!

Cooking apps

I am not a great cook and don’t remember recipes much. In such a case, Veg Recipes of India comes in handy. I am a vegetarian, so it’s a perfect app for me. The founder and chef, Dasanna explains each and every recipe in detail and the recipes more or less turn out well even for an amateur like me.

Appointment making apps

Again, a very handy app for emergencies, and as a parent you need to be prepared for one. It lets you book appointments for your doctor. There have been times when I have been unable to reach through the reception numbers of my doctor, in such a case, Practo has been useful.

Travel booking apps

Make My Trip is the only travel booking app I have on my phone. Though my better half prefers Clear Trip, I am an MMT person. I love its no-nonsense look and feel.

Entertainment apps for kids

If you are traveling with your child, it’s an absolute must to have a few entertainment apps for kids on your phone. Which ones? This decision is taken by my daughter and these are the apps that I find on my phone – Temple Run, Talking Tom, Bubble Shooter, Block Puzzle, Lemocam, etc. I have checked them all, they are all innocent apps.

Others apps that I have on my phone and need from time to time are Camscanner and Saavn. Camscanner is particularly useful for scanning important documents without searching for a scanner. Though I don’t listen to music much, Saavn comes in handy on those rare occasions when I feel like listening to some soulful music from the 70s. StarMaker is another music app which throws at you lyrics of your favourite songs and you can karaoke on them to your heart’s content. You can even publish them and be a star!! My daughter and I have a blast of a time.

What apps do you use in your regular life that make your life easier?

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  1. Have to get back to Bon Happetee soon. Was on a vacation I was binge eating and I need to get back to routine now. Can’t survive without Uber and Ola. Amazon has been my favourite among all the shopping apps particularly for books. I haven’t bought apparel online but after reading your experience on Myntra I will check it out.

  2. Train station info app “where is my train” is so so so useful. With runtime info, seat info it is a must on my phone

    • I didn’t know of this app. I just know of irctc, and that sucks! Thanks for letting me know about this Meena! Will download it too!

    • Santi4524

      What ?

      • The app is called “Where is my train”. Useful one on the phone for handy info. Available on play store. Check it out. Has info of seats available, trains between stations, runtime info, can be used without net when in the train, gives alarm before particular station, pnr status and a lot more.

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