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11 unusual birthday party themes for your child

Planning to celebrate your child's birthday and looking for popular birthday party themes? Check out for some unusual birthday party themes for your child. #firsttimemommy #birthdaythemes #birthdaytips #partyideas #unusualbirthdaythemes

11 unusual birthday party themes

Magic show, balloon art and juggling shows are always a runaway success at a child’s birthday party. But there comes a time, when you realise you’ve had enough of those, and you want something different to keep your child and her friends engaged. To put in that ‘wow’ factor back in the birthday party, here are a few unusual birthday party themes that everyone will just love, including you:

We celebrated my daughter’s Barney themed birthday party at home with a magician, Barney mascot and tattoo maker. Learn how we did it – by making our own Barney cut out and gift paper bags.

Planning to celebrate your child's birthday and looking for popular birthday party themes? Check out for some unusual birthday party themes for your child. #firsttimemommy #childrensthemeideas #birthdaypartyideas

11 unusual birthday party themes for your child

Storytelling party

Age group: 5 and above

Invite a professional storyteller who will have the kids spellbound with her storytelling skills. At the end of the session, the teller usually engages kids in some craft activity to make the whole experience more fun. You can choose a theme-based storytelling. For example, pirates, fairy tales, mythology, horror, etc. as per your child’s interest. Puppeteering session is received amazingly well too.

Tip: This kind of party works well for a smaller group of 10-15.

Open deck bus party

Age group: All

If your child’s birthday falls in the non-monsoon and non-peak summer months, open bus ride party is just the one for you. An open bus especially designed for birthday parties run by BEST can be rented on weekends for a duration of 5-6 hours. It is a double decker open bus, and believe me, it’s fun to ride on one of them and feel the slightly cool and salty breeze in your hair. The bus arrives to the pre-arranged pick up point fully decked up with color-coordinated balloons and takes you to Gateway and back. Cake cutting at Worli SeaFace is like the cherry on the cake.

Contact which organizes open deck bus parties. At a pre-agreed amount, food, hiring of bus and decoration are all taken care by the organizer.

Beach party

Age group: 1 and above

If you have access to the beach, a beach birthday party is just the right theme for you. Kids will love getting their hands dirty making sand castles and digging tunnels. If you want, you can even have a fitness party at the beach.

Tip: Giving beach toys to each of the guest kids as a party favour is recommended. This way, even if the kids forget their own toys, there will be no sulking or teary faces.

Salon n Spa party

Age group: 5 and above

Girls whichever age they may be, love pampering. And, what better way than to have a spa indulgence. A salon party complete with mani-pedi, hair styling, face clean ups will be a big hit with girls. Just make sure you hire a professional salon who has experience handling little girls and their whims. On hindsight, why not boys get some pampering too..they can get a head massage or a hair cut, mani-pedi too.

Arty crafty party

Age group: 5 and above

This is another wow birthday party theme for your child. If you are good at crafts, just gather a few craft supplies and make kids learn and make some useful craft items. You can even engage services of a professional craft person who can help kids make envelopes, photo frames, wall hangings, bookmarks, etc.

Tip: A smaller group is more manageable unless you have help. 

Masterchef party

Age group: 4 and above

Cooking or Masterchef birthday parties are all the rage nowadays. If you have a large enough place, I suggest go for it. Or else talk to a restaurant that can host the party for you that will include the service of their chef or sous chefs too. There are many culinary studios that too host birthday parties and are good at devising a child friendly menu.

Tip: Personalized aprons and chef’s hats as a party favour will perfectly complement the theme.

Rainbow coloured birthday cakes for kids unusual birthday party themes

11 unusual birthday party themes

Science party

Age group: 6 and above

For inquisitive kids, science-based theme party is the one. They offer different science themes as per your child’s understanding and liking. For example, they have cool experiments with frozen nitrogen, how to make your own perfume, how does milk react to detergent, etc.

Contact if you are interested in the same. At present, they are present in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Village life party

Age group: 4 and above

This takes the cake in unusual birthday party themes. You can take your kids for a village tour on the outskirts of the city where kids get to live the village life, ride on tractors, draw water from the wells and run amidst the paddy fields. Let kids enjoy this rustic slice of life away. And yes, again, there are organisers who will arrange a one-day picnic for you to a nearby village.

Tip: It’s a full day event, so invite mothers along for small kids or take only older and independent kids.

Detective party

Age group: 8 and above

If your child loves reading Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Geronimo Stilton and Sherlock Holmes, he would be over the moon on holding a detective themed birthday party. Engage the help of a professional forensic workshop organiser for better results.

Fitness party

Age group: 3 and above

Fitness isn’t particular to any age. In fact, the sooner you start the better it is for your kids. So, how about throwing a fitness birthday party for your kid. There are many birthday organisers who can beautifully manage this theme. I had attended a birthday some time ago and believe me it was so much fun as the organisers made both the mommies and kids dance on the latest numbers.

If you want to do it on your own, get some skipping ropes, hula hoops, and make them play hop scotch, leapfrog, etc.

Tip: You may contact for a fun filled fitness birthday party for your child.

Trekking or camping party

Age group: 8 and above

Take kids for a trek or an overnight camp, and believe me, they will love you for it. Spotting butterflies or various wild life during the trek or collecting wood for a bonfire and staring at million stars in a clear sky on a camp can create some beautiful memories for your child. There are many trek and camp organisers like BNHS that will do the job for you.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. The names mentioned above are the ones whose service I have availed of myself or have heard of them from various reliable sources.

If your apartment complex has a huge play area, you can organise football or cricket parties too. Or you can book indoor football and cricket venues.

If you have any more unusual birthday party themes, feel free to drop a word here. Would be glad to hear from you!


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  1. Unlucky me .. Dont have a child.. My son is all grown up

    • mammaspeaks

      Good for you, Deepa! We still have to think what to plan for the next birthday every year!! 🙂 It’s fun, but a little overwhelming too at times.

  2. Very interesting themes. Come febraFeb, i am certainly going to try one of these.

    • mammaspeaks

      Do try and tell me how it went! We have done Science theme for little A and it was a hit, so was the small Masterchef party done at home.

  3. These are really some cool themes. Will note down for future ?

  4. Wow, cool ideas. I love planning theme based parties so this post is a big big hit for me in the years to come ?

  5. Prerna Wahi

    This is so useful. Interesting innovative ideas. Book marked it for my son’s birthday ?

  6. This sounds so much fun. I had never heard of them before. Usually in a birthday party, some of the kids will be aloof. Perfect themes to engage all of them.

    • mammaspeaks

      I agree too, Aparna! That these themes will engage all kids. Storytelling is usually for a smaller group, and my daughter and her friends had such a whale of a time.

  7. Hugs and thanks for this. My son turns three next month and we are planning to celebrate by inviting his preschool friends. I was going crazy thinking of ideas to keep them occupied. Your post came at the right time. I’m definitely borrowing ideas from here.

  8. Z

    Story telling party sounds fun! Specially because it would encourage kids to talk more!
    I like the camping idea too!

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Zainab. Storytelling party was a hit. I had it when my daughter turned five with only a very small group. Kids had fun, the storyteller made them do a craft activity based on teh story.

  9. You know what, Anshu? I don’t have kids, but, boy would I love to have some of these birthday parties for myself! Like, the beach party, or the salon n spa party, or even the open deck party. 😀

    • mammaspeaks

      Shilpa, when I was preparing this list, I realised how we didn’t have such fancy themes when we were small. 🙂 Why not, beach party or salon n spa party can be for big girls too. In fact, with some close friends, spa party should be very enjoyable.

  10. Wow such a great post and you had shared really interesting themes, will surly try this for my kids ?

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Surbhi. Glad you liked it. Please let me know if you try any of these themes for your kids’ birthdays. 🙂

  11. Dipika Singh

    That’s a comprehensive list Anshu, like the idea of beach party, story telling party, masterchef party ideas the most. Writing some of these ideas in diary for next year.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Dipika! I have tried storytelling, science, masterchef parties myself. And they were greatly appreciated. I am sure your litle doll and her friends will like them too.

  12. Keeping kid engaged is the toughest part of any occasions as they easily get bored …. Surely your list will keep them busy for long and their parents can enjoy free time too 🙂

  13. All these fun activities sound wonderful, Anshu. Children’s parties can be rather taxing in the normal course. Maybe it’s time to try out these new, innovative ideas. 🙂 Thank you
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

    • mammaspeaks

      Agree Deepti, children’s parties can be rather taxing, as it involves the host mother to ensure that all kids are enjoying the party. These parties I have seen all kids enjoy whatever the age may be and whatever their aptitude too! 🙂

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