Pregnancy can be an utter nightmare for some women, a bitter sweet experience for some or a rocking party for some women. Many women, many experiences. I have already mentioned previously how the worst things about being pregnant for me were morning sickness; it just wouldn’t leave me alone, indigestion that would put any 80-year old to shame and severe constipation that..well, let’s not even go there. But now when I take a stroll down the memory lane, I realise that in spite of these things, I do have some fond memories of my pregnancy. Yes, shocking though it may seem, I cannot just write off my entire pregnancy. There are certain things that I loved about those nine months and miss them – they were the best things about being pregnant. Let me tell you 11 things I loved about pregnancy.

Constant attention: The moment I announced to the friends and family, also neighbours that we were in the family way, I was deluged by the phone calls and ‘take care’ messages. I felt like a celebrity (even though minor). People would inquire about my health, take care of my needs and send me stuff to eat. Everybody that I met in those days wanted to feed me. Total strangers on the streets or in malls smiled at me.

Crowning glory: I have always had nice soft hair but pregnancy hair took my crowning glory to another level altogether. It felt as if overnight my hair had grown volume and become luxurious.

Calories and more calories: It’s one time in life when I realised that calorie wasn’t such a bad word. I could eat all that I wanted to, give into my cravings and still not worry about how big my ass would be. When you have another life to nurture, you forget that overeating is disaster. With pregnancy, you get the license to give into for all those midnight cravings and the excuse for anytime bingeing. And standing on the weighing scale doesn’t seem to be a disaster.

Baby kicks: Oh, this one surely takes the cake. For a first time mommy, you feel your baby kicks somewhere in the fifth month. Initially, there were times when I was left wondering whether the fluttering in my stomach was a kick or just random gas taking a leisurely stroll. But as the weeks passed, I was more confident about the feelings and they were wonderful. That beautiful warm sensation that I had every time my baby kicked was out of this world. In the last few weeks of being pregnant, as the baby grew and the womb got cramped, I experienced more such movements. If you are pregnant and reading this, I am sure you understand what I am saying.

Radiant skin: Being someone who has battled with acne all her life, pregnancy was a welcome break. No acne med and no topical creams, but still the skin was acne-free for the whole 9 months. My skin even glowed (well, people said but I had my reservations about it) towards the end.

Red Carpet treatment: I felt like I was moving on the Red Carpet whenever I stepped out. Be it at a supermarket, mall or airport, people opened up doors for me and always made way for me to go first. They also stood feet away from me so as not to accidentally brush my belly. My hubby rubbed my swollen feet every night as they ached a little. All my whims were entertained back then. Some mean ones too. Ha ha!

Pregnancy as an excuse: I used pregnancy as ammunition whenever I wanted.

As I hadn’t put on much weight well until the 5th month not many people could make out that I was pregnant. So I would put my hands on my sides, jut out my meagre belly and let the world know I was pregnant. This one time I was travelling and in the airport lounge, there were no empty seats due to many cancelled flights. I saw a couple of men sitting and talking. I went towards them and stood beside them looking pointedly at their seats and then my baby bump. They immediately got up and offered me their seats. Hurrah! Mission accomplished!

Whether it was to escape a boring party or conversation, I pleaded exhaustion and got away with it. Well, I am not much proud of it but a girl gotta survive.

Pregnancy also gives you the reason to forget things and still be unapologetic about it.

Counting in weeks: For once in my life I had forgotten all about me. All that mattered to me was my baby growing inside my womb. And all I remembered was my baby’s age in weeks. Every new week, I was happy to know that my baby had grown from a pea size to grape, to apple and to grapefruit.

All those naps: I put on some soothing music and caught my 40 winks whenever it suited me. To hell with the world!

Bigger boobs: Being a small size all my life, it was definitely a big high to start wearing a size 36. I felt all big and sexy like Pamela Anderson except that mine were natural.

Shopping: How to enjoy pregnancy? By shopping, of course! I shopped, shopped and still didn’t drop. Shopping for the yet-to-be-born baby was a big highlight during my pregnancy. From clothes to accessories and from blankets to toys; it was so wonderful to visit all those baby stores and go through the cute little things.

So these are 11 things I loved about pregnancy. For only all these perks of being pregnant, I feel I can be pregnant all over again. Anybody else that feels being pregnant is awesome?

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