Gluten-Free Laddus


  1. smita

    I completely agree with this. An early enrolment to preschool is good for our kids- they not only become more disciplined but also learn a lot by being around others kids of same age.

  2. smita

    how could you even agree to that homemade kajal thing!

  3. That’s my point Smita…being a first time mommy, you are sometimes open to all sorts of suggestions. Reasoning leaves you.

  4. smita

    I sometimes wonder if I should be happy or sad about not going through normal delivery. I feel as if I have missed an unique experience… the only thing i remember is lying on the labour bed and phew, my baby was out just after just 2-3 minutes…i didnt register even a single moment of childbirth actually!

    • It’s undoubtedly a unique experience. But the pains are also phenomenal. What matters is a healthy child at the end of the ordeal; be it through a natural childbirth or c-section.

  5. smita

    someone told me to keep my legs up in the air after intercourse so that sperms dont flow out πŸ™‚

  6. I didn’t know that…but ho ho..that must have been a funny sight..the things we do to get a child πŸ™‚

  7. smita

    schools are a blessing, aren’t they? πŸ™‚

  8. smita

    very useful tips…

  9. Thank you Smita… πŸ™‚

  10. Jigar

    you may want to guide her towards faith.

  11. Yes, Smita. I definitely felt that way.

  12. smita

    A very useful and insightful article, Anshu.

  13. Mittal Shekhar

    Saying YES when we mean NO..
    Had gone through this article..Good piece of write..

  14. How cute! I love this story πŸ™‚ There weren’t many girls to play with when I was a kid, so I had my brothers play dolls with me. Lol! They would, of course, make them get into battles or something manly. Haha. I hope your daughter enjoys this story when she’s older!

  15. What a good story from your childhood and I am glad you rescued your doll.

  16. Thank god you have not gone for that type of lavish bday party. I feel that on bdays, we should do some humble work. My sister-in law always donate books to libraries on her child’s bday every year. Anyway lovely blog and you have c cutie daughter. God bless her.

    • Thank you Puspanjalee…it’s a great job that your SIL is doing…this is much better than a mountain of return gifts we hand out…let Aanya grow up a little, I will take her to orphanages to celebrate her birthday

  17. This post really resonated with me. We didn’t do a big party for my son’s first birthday for the same reasons, and we ended up having such a fun day together (despite the family guilt.) For the second and third birthdays, we did activities away from the house with a few friends so that it could be more about the friends having fun together and less emphasis on the presents.

  18. afamiliarillusion

    Do you know what the doll in the middle is? It’s so cute!

    • Hi sadly no. It was a gift from a friend to my daughter. The doll has a wind up tool at the back, if wound up, she used to bob her head on music. But my daughter broke the spring, so now she bobs her head no longer. πŸ™

  19. You must be very brave. Sorry for your loss…

  20. haha i had this happen to me!! I had my son 2 months ago, and all the while I was pregnant (up until we found out the gender) i can’t even begin to tell you how many times i heard ‘you’re having a boy bc your carrying low’ or ‘youre having a girl bc you are eating sweets’ ….. i think people are just trying to be nice or to at least show effort in your pregnancy, but the truth is, no one is fooling anyone. I never had a gut feeling that it was one way or the other. My husband was hoping for a girl but thought boy. He and I were happy either way. My sister has a girl and his sister has a boy, so of course both families thought our baby was the opposite gender of my niece and nephew.

    Everyone that thought girl, said it was because I was craving sweets: strawberries, cantalope, sweedish fish, starbursts, etc. Everyone who said boy was merely bc ‘i could see you having a boy’..

    So funny!! x

    • Oh yes, the sweets thing…in India we believe that if you are eating sweets, it’s a boy and if savouries, then a girl! But I remember eating both types with equal enthusiasm, so had all of them stumped. Ha ha. For a mother I guess, she’s just happy to have a healthy baby. The gender doesn’t matter.

  21. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  22. Last winter I was also told that I had a vitamin D deficiency, which really surprised me at first. But, I have the same problem as many where I sit in an office all day. Since learning of my problem, I try to take a few minutes to soak up the sun every day. Thanks for posting on such an important topic!

  23. Pallavi S

    I can tell the same…I have two kids …a boy and girl…almost same age…(15 months apart only)…and they’ve been sleeping snugly with me during nights all the much so I could not move even an inch…and changing sides was long forgotten..
    After a lot of bickering from me…my husband started cajoling my son to sleep next to him…and the next thing I know is within 3-4 days(nights) he’s wanting to sleep with dad only… ..
    Though I got a little more space to spread myself …one side of me was cold and empty and the snug feeling was gone…
    wonder who won ?!?

    • I know the feeling Pallavi…As per my doc’s advice, I tried to stop co-sleeping but after a couple of uncomfortable nights, I put her back in my bed. I can sleep without my hubby but not my daughter. I guess we mothers are programmed this way.

  24. Hi Anshu, very well written. I want to share something with you. Recently my niece and nephew (cousins) both 6 to 7 years were caught doing something fishy. MY SIL was shocked when her daughter told her that my nephew was trying to do something to her. Obviously it would not have been that bad as he is just 7 years, still some kids learn from their surroundings. This situation is very delicate as the boy is still young and he also does not know what he is doing. His parents have to analyze where he has picked this up from. Whats your take on this??
    My SIL was shocked she said I have thought her about abuse but last did i know I should teach her to protect herself from another kid.

    • Jaishri, I won’t say it’s shocking. Kids are greatly influenced by their surroundings; films (films are very explicit nowadays), elders talking before them etc. We should remember that kids have tremendous imagination; so even if they don’t know what they are supposed to do, they can still do it in their own innocent ways. Have you heard 5-6 years talking? You will realize they are not as innocent as we were at their age. The fact that we need to teach them about good touch, bad touch says it all.

      We can tell the boy that what he was doing was inappropriate for his age and considered bad manners (any more detail, and he wouldn’t understand). He might get punished for it. Also, when he grows up, he will realize that himself.

      And for the little kids, yes, it’s not just about the grown ups anymore. We need to teach them how to react to such situations with a playmate/friend/family etc. So sad. Sigh!

  25. Totally! Lol! Our whole lounge is a play pen!
    But I love it that way πŸ™‚

    • Good for you Dimple! Though she has a room to herself, all her toys come out to our kitchen, living room and bedroom. Though, it makes the place more lively and colorful, it’s a task to pick them one by one from under the tables, pillows and bed; not to forget the pain when we accidentally step on them. But yes, I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world.

  26. bizigal

    It is important to teach good morals and values. It is up to you to set the example.

  27. Twinkle Panchal

    Very Very true, same for me…..

  28. jisha

    well i am little confused with your last line . wear heels? what about safety from falling. may be i have understood wrong.
    Also dear i am 1 month pregnant and just want to know can i play throwball. since we already have a schedule of a company match next month.

    • Hi Jisha, Congratulations!!!
      Wearing heels is in Don’ts section. I meant don’t wear heels as it’s not good for your balance. In the last 3-4 months, a pregnant lady’s center of gravity shifts, hence wearing heels can be risky.

      Avoid strenuous activity during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months as there are more chances of a miscarriage. There are more articles on pregnancy on this blog that may be useful for you. Happy Pregnancy!!!

  29. oh i didnt know there was a dolphin aquarium there. thanks! will take Aiden there soon!

  30. Hey Janice, the name’s misleading..there’s no dolphins there, just many different types of fishes. Visit it late afternoon as your little one can then try out horse-riding too.

  31. very well written anshu and I completely agree

    • Thanks Prachi. I just visited your blog…bravo for slimming down that too in a well-planned way (no crash diets). I have been trying to reduce from 61 to 55 without any success. May be now I will draw inspiration from you.

  32. Alka podar

    Very well written

  33. Its brilliant you think that. I know a lot of people who would give an arm and a leg to have parents like you and your husband.

  34. Thanks Twist…I really don’t understand the whole hullabaloo behind it… somebody’s sexual orientation is his concern as long as it is done with consent and not harming the general society, then why should it matter to everybody else. I guess we humans like to create issues where there’s none.

  35. Girlish

    It is easy to imagine things when they are of remote possibility. But can we face it, when they really happen?

  36. Girish Bhojnagarwala

    Love is a two way traffic.

  37. Sheetal Pai

    Hi, I am a first time mommy and love spending quality time with my 7 month old.
    Simple yet so interesting is how I would describe your blogs. Ofcourse, informative too. Being a mom I connect instantly with every topic and easily relate it to my life. look forward to many more!

    • Hi Sheetal,
      Thanks so much for visiting and reading my blog regularly.
      And congratulations on being a mommy…it’s often difficult and exhausting but it’s beautiful too. Lots of love to the little one πŸ™‚

  38. Thank you Dimple. πŸ™‚

  39. Joyce

    great post! I like the pictures.
    will comment back –
    My kids were like that too. Maybe if she was in a play group outside of school where you were there too she would start to talk.

    • Thanks Joyce for commenting. It’s only in the playgroup that she is so silent otherwise she is a chatterbox. And she starts her big school in 3-6 months time. I loved the pictures on your blog, so many of them. And snow is something I can only dream as Mumbai will never witness a snowfall. sigh!

  40. I’ve never heard of Rashi, but I am borderline obsessed with names. I’m not sure I could give up that kind of control.

    • Alison, in India whenever a child is born, we prepare a horoscope of the child on the basis his/her date, time and place of birth. We believe that the position of stars, moon, sun and other planets in the solar system influence a child’s behavior, nature and future. We also determine his moon sign (which is more important than the sun sign). Also, as every sign has some alphabets associated with it, we name the child as per those alphabets (determined by his moon sign) so that he gets the maximum advantage of his moon sign. We believe that if he is not named as per his moon sign, he gets wrongly influenced by that moon sign which is not his.

  41. Both my little ones loved dal bhaat! And I stillremember my eldest who loved his first piece of orange at 1 and pulled a face because it was sour! πŸ™‚

  42. People put so much emphasis on weight! I agree, let kids be kids!

  43. Maria

    Anshu, all the above are very good recommendations to parents with a new Nanny.

    May I also add that burring the interview process, it is important (once you feel comfortable) to bring the child into the room with the potential Nanny to see the interaction between the two. Many parents leave this out.

    I would also like to recommend a good Nanny referral site like this one:
    in order to increase the odds of finding a good ‘safe’ nanny that you can feel comfortable with.

    All the best, and keep the articles coming!

    • Hello Maria,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. And it’s a very valid point that you have mentioned. I am surprised that I’d completely overlooked it when it was one of the reasons why I had hired the current nanny. Her immediate rapport with my 1 year old had prompted me to hire her on the spot.

      Thanks for the suggestion. Have a great day!! πŸ™‚

  44. Smita Omar

    Nice one, will help me if I am planning the second one. Btw, shouldn’t it be measures instead of precautions in the last line? πŸ™‚

    Warm Regards

    Smita Agrawal +91 89757 67762

    *Spread a smile, Lend a hand, Make a difference.Make a donation at *

  45. Vimal Rathinasamy

    It is hard to believe that Gita is 3500 years old as it is applicable in any era. Hope you acknowledge Lord Krishna persuading Arjuna to fight with his own kiths and kins for upholding the Dharma. Can there be anything as practical as this? Usually rigid systems say that don’t kill, don’t harm and so on! But here the Lord asks to Kill! for upholding the Truth.

    So coming to your points: if killing is not an issue to uphold the Dharma then there is no way it is a harm if you tell a lie or “Learning to say NO” or respecting or disrespecting someone etc to uphold the Truth.

    Teach your child Gita and Raja Yoga (especially Pranayama & Meditation) and let she do her duty of her choice with righteousness. She will fly high in both Worldly life and Spiritual, not to forget Krishna’s Karma yoga!!

    • Vimal Rathinasamy

      One more thing that I forgot to comment on your statement on Karma yoga not being possible in current era:

      All the methods of Gita is about transforming individuals not to rigidly dictate that one must be like that the next day or so! So it is not wrong in attaching to results in the beginning but keep in mind the temporary nature of success and defeats which repeats itself in nature as mentioned in Gita, and slowly you will get tired of this alternatives and thus eventually rise above them in due course. That day you will be master of your Karma and Success follows although you don’t attach to that any more.


    • Vimal, thanks so much for stopping by and taking out the time to read the post.

      I believe in the preaching of the Bhagvada Gita and sincerely believe that IT is the only savior for this world headed towards its doom. I am planning to introducing Gita to my child very soon. If she understands it and follows it diligently, I guess my problem is solved, and so is hers.

      Thanks once again for commenting.

  46. mrsskulleybones

    Fab blog. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award, pop over to my blog Time out Raising Chill-dren to find out more.

  47. Thanks so much for nominating me for the Liebster award. I went through your blog and it’s wonderful. I guess I need to continue this chain of nominating blogs for Liebster. I shall do that. Thanks once again. πŸ™‚

  48. Michelle Bickford

    I am so very sorry for your loss. There are many who are unaware about the devastation that can come from thyroid hormone imbalance. There is an advocacy group called which is working to improve the treatment of thyroid disease and help to educate other patients. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Thanks Michelle for commenting. It’s true that many people are unaware of the lurking dangers of Thyroid. More so in India where the awareness is the minimum.

      Thanks once again! πŸ™‚

  49. I also have family members with this disease, as well as myself-and I have also suffered a miscarriage due to my thyroid hormone imbalance as well. I am sorry for your loss, I know what you are going through. Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks Aja for your kind words. And I am sorry too for your loss. In pregnancy, we can’t be alert enough though we try our utmost to save the child. That’s what I have learnt. But after that accident, I try to spread the awareness as much as possible. Thanks once again.

  50. Rebekah

    I hear you mama. I have five and it sent more than a few shock waves up my spine and rocked my world quite a bit. I am exhausted each and every day, that roller coaster is enough to drive a woman nuts. But somehow we press through.

    • Rebekah, kudos to you darling! I think I have supernatural powers for surviving my child but with 5 kids, you have to be a supermom.

      Yes, we press through. We blame, we curse but at the end of the day we wouldn’t have it any other way.

      • Rebekah

        Oh my, definitely not supermom. I tried to be and for a while I thought it perhaps was possible, but it isn’t not with one child, five or fifteen for that matter. We just keep resting in the grace of God who covers all our imperfections and gives strength.

      • Yes, to the Almighty who gives us patience and strength to survive each day…but on a lighter note, I wouldn’t mind having more of those as I am always running short of them πŸ˜‰

  51. Supper time is a leading cause of stress in my life. Being a mommy is hard. I feel like your friends and family should prepare you more. Of course all of my friends have these angelic children that don’t fuss at all, while I battle with my string willed child. But saying all that, I miss her the second she is not around.

    • This adage “forewarned is forearmed” doesn’t apply to motherhood. Even if your friends and family give you all the unappealing details, you will still be at a loss when your turn comes. I guess every mother needs to experience the horror on her own. There’s no running away from this truth.

  52. Getting up when you want to! Wouldn’t that be grand? πŸ™‚

  53. crazyguyinthailand

    Nice blog, I’m sure you will be a good mom don’t worry πŸ™‚

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  55. Can so relate to this πŸ™‚ My husband calls me Potty Minister πŸ˜›

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  57. Pooja

    Do u still have contact details of the confinement lady, I cannot find one. Thanks to share

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  59. Thanks so much for taking out the time to read the post and commenting on it. πŸ™‚

  60. bizigal

    I like these tips to stay cold…but why should people soak mangoes overnight? I am curious?

    • Hi, there are a few theories around it. Mangoes produce heat in the body as it is a hot fruit by nature. So by soaking mangoes in water, water absorbs its heat-producing qualities. So when we finally consume mangoes, they don’t generate heat or blisters in the body. A second theory is that mangoes are high-fiber fruits that do not get easily absorbed in the blood stream and hence cause indigestion problems. By soaking them in water, it helps in dissolving all the harmful gas producing elements in the fruit and you can enjoy mangoes without the fear of excessive gas formation after having it.

      Hope this was useful.

  61. bizigal

    Mama…I had no idea mangoes were such a versatile fruit! I will try putting them in the water for a cool fruit in the summer. It is almost our summer and soon these mangoes will be in season. Thanks for the tip!

  62. Nice tips ..I am yet to get my daughter pierced..She is going to be 2 ..I am still not ready for it ..thats what ..we are dependent on instinct.

    Nice to meet a first time moomie

    Do visit my blog

  63. Lol so true..I am trying to wean my daughter from milk bottle and she keeps eating my brain.After asking for milk like 100 times I have to give up.

  64. bizigal

    I did enjoy it. Sounds exciting and dangerous but I guess the tigers get used to the tourists. I have plenty of places on my bucket list to see. I will add this to it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for appreciating it. I had never been a wildlife fan, but after this trip I feel like going on another one soon.

      If you ever visit India and want to see the royal Indian tigers, do visit Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve near Nagpur (Maharashtra) or Bandhavgarh or Ranthambore wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan. You have more chances of spotting a wild cat there.

  65. I have taken my kids to the beach many times….the best thing I ever did was buy the spray on sunscreen. You can spray it on and never have to rub lotion on when the skin is sandy.
    Worth the money!

    • Hi thanks for the tip. In Mumbai, it’s so hot that we can’t go to the beach during day time. But I will remember this the next time we visit the beaches in Goa.

  66. Using hair gel and rubbing conditioner in the hair before school actually does work. The hair will look greasy and dirty, but the lice nits slide off the conditioner. They don’t like it.

  67. Thanks for all the information! I really dread having to deal with this in the future…

    • It seems we both travel in the same boat. Once the head gets infected, it’s a 3-4 weeks process to get rid of them. Bizigal has also suggested a nice tip in the comments section. Shall it ever happen, please try. Thanks so much for commenting! πŸ™‚

  68. vinod vaidya

    very useful tips please focus on “Hirabol” course and when do start n for how many long

  69. Hi Vinod, Hirabol looks like small pebbles/gaund but is basically a plant extract. If it’s a big stone, crush it into small pieces. After lunch and dinner, take a few crushed pieces of Hirabol and carefully wrap in jaggary and swallow it with water. There are Hirabol capsules available now. Take them as per the printed instructions. Hirabol is good for cold, cough, menstrual pains, vaginal/uterus infections, gum sores, menopause, sore throat, tooth ache etc.

    You can start next day after delivery and take it for at least 30-40 days.

  70. You are so funny “First Time Mommy”! Not too many of us Americans have maids and servants. Probably maids, if you can afford it, but unpaid servants are illegal here. I have someone clean my house from time to time, but never a servant! πŸ™‚ Most people here in the US can give to charitable organizations such as “Good Will” or homeless shelters.
    But to your point, kids grow up so fast. I let my kids where whatever they want because chances are in won’t fit the next time they put it on.

    • Hi Bizigal, thanks again for commenting. Waiting since long to read a blog post from you!

      In the US, you have some nice charitable organizations. I have heard of them.

      In India, labor is cheap, so most people can afford a maid. A servant is nothing but another word for domestic help or rather male domestic help. And no, they are not unpaid. We give them money, food, clothes and sometimes accommodation too. Unpaid labor is illegal in India as well.

      • bizigal

        That is the beauty of different cultures and the meaning of words. I have been so busy with just about everything I can get my hands on. I have the summer now to focus on my blog. Thanks for the comments.

  71. My mother gave our clothes away. She did keep a few items that she handed to us for keepsake.

    • Hello, giving away of clothes and belongings of your kids which they have anyway outgrown is the most usual way of doing a charity.

      What do you generally do with your kids’ clothes?

  72. These are all true. I love age two. Even her tantrums are sometimes cute. My daughter was a very difficult infant, so toddler time has been a breeze. This age is so fun. I wish I could freeze it a little longer, but alas they grow far too fast.

    • You are so right, they grow up really fast.
      As my child is transitioning from a toddler to a preschooler, I miss those cutesy toddler days. I would wake up each morning with a smile anticipating her new shenanigans.

  73. Love this great little reminder that the terrible twos can also be the terrific twos depending on how you look at it!

    • Absolutely, it all depends on how we look at it, but I am sure terrible or terrific, all mothers must miss their kids’ toddlerhood days.

      Thanks so much for appreciating it… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  75. smita

    Yes, we are rushing our lives and following the same for our kids…Your blog certainly makes me think why don’t we let our kids to be just be them?

  76. My daughter loves helping especially with the kitchen chores. It is great that you are getting your daughter involved at an early age. It teaches responsibility an it is a help. I have songs for certain things. I have a song that we sing together when she picks up her toys. Even when she is a little resistant in the beginning once I start the song she joins in and will start grabbing her toys.

  77. That’s a great way to involve your child; having songs for each activity. May be I will do that too with my daughter. Thanks for sharing the tip.

  78. Great info. Most parents have the kids tilt back for nosebleeds. I hope you haven’t seen this already, that I’m not troubling you. Thought you’d take to it:



  79. So true about the change of clothes. I still make my teens at least bring a different shirt just in case! But I always put a tube of sunscreen in my diaper bag. You never know when your car will break down, or something happens and you need to be outside.
    Thanks for the good advice.

  80. This is a very serious subject, Mommy…Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I love that people consider the children that are already born!
    Thank you.

    • Thanks Bizigal for commenting. I think that families who can afford should consider this option. It’s a great way of spreading happiness in and out. πŸ™‚

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  82. Ratna sharma

    hi dear
    it was really nice to read your blog its like reading your own experience.rite now my ninth month going on. All d best for future

    • Hi Ratna,

      Thanks so much for patronizing my blog. Hope it continues to help you. And congratulations! Do let me know when the baby comes! Would love to hear from you.

      Take care.

  83. Belated happy birthday Aanya – seems to have been a fun party!! πŸ™‚

  84. Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the great

  85. Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from
    an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog?
    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast.
    I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start.
    Do you have any points or suggestions? Many thanks

    • Hello! No it’s not at all technical or difficult to set up your own blog. Start on WordPress; you will understand better. Just stay true to your ideas/thoughts. And blog regularly.
      Good luck! πŸ™‚

  86. New Mommy myself

    You have raised a pertinent issue. I am also amazed at how our society behaves! Even my maid has three daughters before she gave birth to a boy. I wonder how they are going to rare four children when there father is only a part time wage earner. Earlier I thought education is the solution to this problem but I was wrong. Even the most educated also desire the same. Is dowry to blame? I think the whole concept of girl being the “paraya dhan” and she has to leave her parent’s house after marriage to start a new life all over again in a new house should be changed. Ask any guy if he is ready to start a new life like this after marriage at his wife’s house?! Men have very conveniently molded everything to their favour and women in our society have very meekly accepted it.

    • It’s a serious subject…but I am amazed that how lightly it’s been taken. Blindly pulling off child labor or banning sex determination doesn’t work. People fly to Bangkok and Dubai for sex determination. Do you think this is labor class that can afford such visits? As I said the very social fabric is infected, we need to change the perspective of people.
      Thanks for your thoughts, New Mommy! I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  87. One of my sons sees a therapist and he recently suggested to me that I need to be the one to calm down. I’m the mom who is afraid of letting my kids play outside without watching them…letting them go in public restrooms alone…yeah, I’m scared of all of that. But he said, and I think there’s some truth here, that they pick up on it all and it’s causing them to be afraid. I’m working hard to fix my fears so I don’t pass it on. But for the record, ghosts scare me too πŸ™‚

  88. Jalaja

    Thank you whole heartily for your information
    Now I am 35yrs old expecting 2 child soon.
    But unfortunately I had to go through lot of pressure and stress at home which was unavoidable.
    Now as days are nearing I am more worried about my baby inside and as well my health.
    Since 3rd month of my pregnancy I was not able to eat drink properly. I am an independent more mother to take care of my first child who is just 2.3yrs old.
    Please suggest me if I could do some best things in another couple of months before my delivery.
    Waiting for you reply,
    Thanking you lot

  89. Dear Jalaja, first of all, let me congratulate you! Now let’s address your issue practically. A pregnant woman’s mental and physical health are very important for the baby in her womb. So please try to be happy. Try to sort out your personal problems as much as you can so that it doesn’t affect your health. Talk to your doctor if you can start practicing Yoga and Pranayama (they are excellent forms of exercise to keep you healthy and happy). Also, try to go for walks which will help in digestion and bloating. Start taking 1 tsp of ganthoda/peeprimool powder (you can easily get it at any ayurvedic shop/patanjali which is Baba Ramdev’s exclusive stores that sells ayurvedic/herbal things) with warm milk in your 9th month. It will give you strength. You can continue having this even after delivery. If you are suffering from acute morning sickness because of which you are not able to eat much, then remember most of this sickness occurs in late afternoons/evenings. So try to eat nutritious food for breakfast and afternoon or whenever your stomach allows you. Have fruits, soups, nuts and seeds in plenty. Drink lots of water. Listen to music that relaxes or calms you on YouTube. That’s what I used to do. Read books if that makes you happy. Take plenty of rest whenever your child is not around. Hope these tips are useful. Please write to me for any assistance. May strength be with you! Take care, dear!

  90. Vaja Pinal

    After c section I am suffering from back pain. 3rd month is running, I started physiotherapy but instead of relieve I got swelling back. Please give me any suggestion to cure back pain

    • Hello Vaja, that’s really unfortunate that you have to suffer a back pain. Sometimes back pain happens because of wrong sleeping position, from carrying the baby around too much, not taking sufficient rest and not exercising. Please, visit an orthopedic who will be able to guide you properly. There are certain Yoga postures with the help of which your back can become strong, but first you need to correct the pain before you start strengthening your back.

  91. Vaja Pinal

    How to cure back pain after c section

    • Yoga helps Vaja. I have 2 kids, one was normal and the second was a c-section because of medical reasons. After my second kid, I had severe back pain for many months. Only yoga helped. Start with simple stretches and simple asanas, They will help.

  92. bizigal

    Hi Momma! “Aunty” in that context must be a middle eastern thing because here in the US, “Aunty” is considered a close relative. Many women are called this regardless of their age or attractiveness.

    • Hey there, yes I know about the US and European countries. However, this word has been adopted in India thanks to the British colonial rule. In India, we call this close relative (father’s/mother’s sister-cousin, brother’s wife) with another name; every Indian language has its own version. But to friends, neighbors and strangers, we call ‘Aunty’ or ‘Uncle’. We rarely address people older to us by their first names. Of late, this word has taken a negative connotation. That’s what I have tried to explain in this post. Thanks Bizigal for reading and commenting on my post. Hope you understand now a little bit.

  93. Society is comprised of both men and women and I think women are equally responsible for this of affair. I have heard my mom, her mom, my mother in law , her mother talking about having a boy child. I come from a educated family and so my wife but listening to them she also sometime says what if we had a son instead of our daughter? I always tell her to look at herself, she has two sisters and no brothers. Her parents stay close to her in the same locality where we stay and she takes care of them. Now is she any less than a son?

    • Abhilash, hats off to you. You have to be one of the very few enlightened men in the society. And I agree, it’s not a mindset of men or women but both are equally responsible for the state our country is in. Hope more people like you and me can help improve the situation. Cheers!

  94. bizigal

    That is cute! With these skills at such a young age, she will most likely be very good with reading and school in general.

  95. Having three sons, I totally agree with you. They are little still but we already talk about how girls should be treated. I feel an obligation to teach them to respect women. That’s my job. Society certainly won’t do it. Love this post.

    • Thanks so much Kristenlynn. If all parents take this on them to teach values to their children, we will be seeing less of such horrific things in our society. I sincerely hope to see that day. πŸ™‚

  96. jagritjain

    If we had more people like you in this world, it would have been a better place surely. I didn’t know such mommies even existed on planet. Not in India.
    Best wishes.

    • Jagrit, there are many mommies like me in India. Indian women are waking up, but the sad part is that the menfolk still behave as if they are living in the Dark Ages. Thanks a lot for reading and supporting it.

  97. bizigal

    First Time Mommy I am sorry you have to live with this. It is a good thing your daughter has someone like you to help guide her.

  98. D

    ? That’s been on my mind is there. A place. In India that’s safe that women who. Have baby. Girls can go. To be safe and protected so that abortion or keeping in fear of the know sex trafficking If there is can u let me know.

  99. Though I am not there yet I am still kinda scared of crossing the 30 mark!! This post is relieving πŸ™‚

  100. Bhawna

    You are good. Please do keep blogging, your content is very helpful and yet not preachy.

    • Thanks Bhawna for stopping by my blog. Your comment is invaluable. Though I am a bit tied down with work, I do not intend to stop blogging.
      Thanks for the motivation. Cheers!!!

  101. bizigal

    Good excuse to have another one!

  102. jagritjain

    So you are a writer. What do you write about? Just curious.

    • Hello Jagrit, I am a content writer. I develop content for blogs, articles, press releases, newsletters, brochures, flyers, etc.

      • jagritjain

        That’s an interesting job. To tell you the truth, I want to be a writer someday. I suppose one should have a degree in english h or journalism to be a content writer. Am I right?

  103. Oh my god.. I was reading my own thoughts through this post!!! I have always had these same feelings…I feel guilty whenever I have to leave my boy even for a few seconds..

    But you know what.. this has made him too attached to me to the extend that he takes lots of time to mingle with others….He even hates having guests at home I guess..
    So finally I started sending him to a day care for few hours a day.. initially it was too hard for him…I had to sit with him for a week to get him used to the new surroundings… but now he totally loves it….

  104. Bilna, you are right. My daughter was also too attached to me. However, as she is growing up, she has started making friends and loves them. Even I would like to send her to a day care, but for different reasons like she would learn to be independent, value the time with us, be less dependent on gadgets, etc.

    Thanks for writing Bilna. πŸ™‚

  105. bizigal

    You are from a very different culture. In the USA, many, many people live without a maid and live very well. Here, if we would like someone to clean our house, we pay them for their work. If we don’t like the job they did, then we find someone else to do it. “Housekeepers” here make alot of money.

    • Bizigal, I have friends and family staying in the USA, so I have a bit of knowledge about the culture there. In India, owing to a large illiterate/uneducated population, domestic help is readily available, however, they are also turning expensive these days. We are so used to the help, that sometimes wonder, how we would survive without them. Here, we engage labor instead of machines. So no dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and many houses prefer washing clothes by hands instead of washing machines (argument given: handwashing gives cleaner clothes than machinewashing). Thanks for commenting…Indian ways, I am sure, you must find a little weird. πŸ˜‰

  106. pooja

    You are just like me I also do this with my baby…..seriously n thanks to the lovely informations dear

    • Thanks pooja for reading the post and replying. It’s such a nice walk down the memory lane whenever I think of those days. Hope all’s well with you and your baby.

  107. lalitha

    hi..where did you buy the barney supplies,,looking for my sn’s birthday

    • Hi lalitha, my mil and I made the Barney cut outs at home. We drew it on a chart paper, and cut it out, then stuck on the thermocol sheet, and again cut the sheer. You can select Barney photos off the Google, take it to a photo copier who will print it in the size you want. Otherwise, Barney supplies are not easily available in India.

  108. lalitha

    hi, where did you buy the barney supplies?

  109. Larissa Dauterman

    Hey everyone, I am a new mother and I’m desperately to get my two month son to sleep longer during night. Right now I am lucky to get three hours rest each night. Regards

  110. Hi! Great post. I enjoyed reading it. I am currently unemployed and a mother of four. I take online classes and get most of my work done after everyone goes to bed. Are you earning income from home? I’m really interested in being able to bring in a stable income while still being a sahm.

    • Hi! Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. Yes, you can earn as a writer. Please search on the Internet, you will find lots of content writing options. Make a profile on, it is easy, just follow the guidelines and start applying. Good luck!

  111. Hey , This is Srividhya, one of the team members of IMC ( we really liked your post – We would like to feature that article as Feb pick of the month in our site. If you can send me your email address will send in the details ASAP. Thanks

  112. Pinky

    Lol. Good piece of writing. I really liked the way you have expressed your feelings during pregnancy. I am a working woman and expecting my little one to arrive next month. After reading your piece of art, just thought of sharing my experiences during these last 8 months.

    My mother-in-law is a bit involved with Indian traditional Babas, who claim to provide medicine or can say Totka to convert a girl child to a boy (Lol). I wondered on her education when she gave me that pearl like medicine and asked me to have with certain conditionalities (like wash your hair, take this with butter, in the morning etc. Blaah). Anyways, I said yes to the orders by being a good obedient Indian Bahu, but thrown that in the dustbin right after that (Thankfully me and my hubby live in different city). Some aunties were asking me to wear black thread with a small knife tied in it, in my neck. Some were asking me not to get out from the house after it is dark (And I generally reach home at around 8 pm). And believe me, all those aunties in my family including my mother in law are well educated and working at very senior positions in their respective organizations.

    I use to get irritated at the first. I wondered on our Indian society, where some people claim such nonsense. I first thought of making these aunties understand the lesson on reproductive health which we had learnt in middle school. Can anyone convert a girl fetas to a boy? Can a thing made of iron really protect my child? Disgusting !!

    But above all, my husband has supported me throughout my pregnancy. He has become cook, maid, massager, driver and many more to ease my life. Love between us has increased by the time I have conceived. Life is like this only, where you meet some irritating personalities but there will be some who understand you and stand by you like a rock.

    • Pinky, hats off to you and your hubby by standing by you. During pregnancy, the temptation is too great to give into these so called totkas, as most often we wonder ‘what’s the harm?’. But gradually, these totkas get woven into our social fabric and are difficult to separate the real from the fake. Good luck to you and your husband! And do let me know once the baby arrives. Will be waiting eagerly to hear if the so-called totkas worked their magic. πŸ˜‰

  113. aarthi

    Hi.. To what thickness should weroll the dough before cutting it with cookie cutters.. And at wat temp should we bake the cookies

    • HI Aarthi, I just made small mounds with hands, so I am not sure about the cookie cutter thing…guess 1/2 cm should be ok, as they fluff up too on baking. The temp should be 175-180 for 20 mins.

  114. ophi

    very nice and useful tips. thanks.

  115. ‘The your baby looks like’ point is solid. I get this all the time from people saying, patronisingly so, that my boy doesn’t look like me, when he very obviously does! – I don’t even care about that, really, because of course he looks like his parents. But more so than that, he looks like himself!

    • I know…the opinions usually differ…your husband’s family will always see the resemblance with your husband, while your family will see it in you! It’s more like fun game for some people. I usually ignore such comments, or just smile at them…after all, I know better. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for replying.

  116. Exactly right! I’ve had so many say to me, “I’m sorry, but he looks like ____.” When they’re saying he doesn’t look like me. I just think, why the need to apologise? I’m not sorry he looks like his dad, why’re you?
    The fun game aspect is nice & I expected that much, and looked forward to it. But the patronising, judgemental appearance shaming, I was 100% not prepped for.

    Great post!

  117. Richa

    Nice tips…My kiddo is now 2 and a half years old and i feel some of the tips will work for me

  118. Hi- Been following your posts from some time now & very impressed with the content.

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  119. How do we get in touch with you?

  120. letitia1234

    I like your spirit of khuljaye bachpan…
    Its so imp for them to learn n own up their actions.?

    • Thanks Letitia for reading and commenting on the post. I agree too. Khuljaye Bachpan is actually letting your kids have a carefree and happy childhood without too many rules and restrictions.

  121. My son was born on the first day my husband and I started dating/met. At first I was disappointed because I wanted to get married on that day, but I am happy to share the day with him.

  122. awww thats adddorable!!! no i dont share the same date of birth!!! but i do make a real fuss about her birthdays.. So this time I did a snow white themed birthday party!! But kept it special with focus on the party girl!!

  123. really great videos very interest

    Regard By

  124. Neha

    Request you to please mention child’s exact age, since your post caused confusion. Crocin drops is appropriate up to age 12 months and the dosage per weight is also mentioned on the package.

    • Hi Neha, the title says toddlers – that means a child between 1 -2.25-3 years. And, crocin drops is appropriate for a newborn and even a toddler. Yes, the dosage is mentioned on the package, but that’s what I am saying I had the wrong medicine at home. I gave my 1.5 yr old daughter a high dose of crocin suspension instead of crocin drops. Hope I could clear the confusion.

  125. richa2107

    Wow!!!these are some amazing tips and i really liked the weaning diapers one by one. this gives the child lots of confidence πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Richa. Yes, any kind of weaning should be comfortable and not stressful for the child. πŸ™‚

  126. Richa

    tHESE who results are startling and scary. reminds us of the times when it will be difficult to leave the house and walk outside but then you realise the air inside the house is also not safe anymore. using an air purifier is the only solution πŸ™

  127. Thanks for dropping by my site! I followed your blog πŸ™‚

  128. Hi…a very good list of must haves.. could you tell me which brand of quick dry sheets you used…

    • HI Neethu..thanks so much for appreciating my effort. I used quick dry sheets of Quick Dry brand only. Actually Quick Dry is a brand you will get at any mom-child store, but most of us have made it a generic name. Like how, people say Maggi for all type of noodles.

  129. Ha ha ha completely agree on this one..????

  130. Olivia Nelson

    I agree that you need to consider the age group of a summer camp before you send your child there. If they do not offer different classes for different age groups you would probably want to find the average age of an attendee. I’m looking for a summer camp for my son so I’ll have to check the target age group of any program I investigate.

  131. Hi Anshu!!Ya I have seen mothers like these, though not recently, but when I was a kid!!

    • Hi Udita, thanks for commenting..and I see these mothers pretty frequently these days. πŸ˜‰ But, if truth be told, we need mothers of all kinds to make an interesting mix! πŸ™‚

  132. Prachi

    Need to be read by every mom irrespective of whether she is a working mom or a homemaker. Every women needs some space, change in life and definitely rest. We forget our lives as we get married and after having kids it’s like you can never live for ur own self. If you try to do so the society will make it a point to make u feel guilty every minute even second. What ur husband said is commendable and is evident that he is a man who respects every women on his life.

  133. Really… this is news… good you wrote about this Anshu. Informative

  134. Been there.. faced that… I COMPLETELY agree…N my mil told me..” IT was just a cell, IT dint even have a heart beat!! So forget it!!!!”?meanest thing I heard..

    • Oh, so hurtful. When I had a miscarriage, there were people telling me – it’s OK. no big thing. lots of women have miscarriages. I was so furious. It was a statistics I was really not interested in learning about. πŸ™

  135. Great post..truly agree with each words. Sometimes kids need to be denied for their better future. They should know the taste failure so that tommorrow they can handle it more confidently.

  136. Absolutely agree. excellent article. I see so many parents are ready to do stuff for kids even before they ask for it. Particularly about the food choices. special meals are made for the child. I wonder why cant the children eat what is cooked for everyone. The kids learn to manipulate parents and when they grow up parents will criticize them and blame others for it.

  137. This is so true Anshu!! I too follow the same thing.Whenever my daughter falls I tend to ignore her for say a couple of seconds, and she is fine.However when I react immediately after she falls she cries like anything!Thanks for the article!lets raise strong kids both physically and mentally.

  138. I confided in a neighbor that we had a miscarriage at 9 weeks after our fourth round of IVF, and she said “well that’s a good thing, because you know it can work!” I was absolutely floored…and put her in her place. But my mother was actually the worst one, didn’t even bother picking up the phone or coming by in the weeks after having my miscarriage at home. When I told her how upset I was she actually had the nerve to turn it around on me and tell me I can’t accept her for who she is. Yes she’s right there as I can’t except someone who is completely heartless when her daughter has her baby die inside her.

    One in eight couples battle infertility, so it’s also important to remember that many of us cannot get pregnant easily.

    • Oh…I wonder why people are so heartless, and that too when there’s a new life concerned. Sometimes I feel that only a mother who has undergone this pain can understand and feel other mother’s pain. I am really sorry it happened to you! Hugs!!

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    • Hello Ishan, Thanks for writing to me. I am interested in knowing about this partnership opportunity you mentioned. My no. is 99200 84326, however, I can do only a what’s app call, due to poor network reception in my area. Will 2 pm tomorrow work for you? Meanwhile, I will go through the site. Thanks, Anshu Bhojnagarwala

  140. Don’t know about that…may be taking too many of it interferes with the system! A good point – shall ask my gynec the next time I visit her. Will update you once I come to know!

  141. And congratulations…when are you due?

  142. Personally, I have only been comfortable using coconut oil and sometimes mustard oil. I also find Rustic Art to be a good lotion.

  143. Tarana

    I am Tarana. I am Hindu. My son is 15 mths. I went through exact same as you wrote in your blog. The only difference in my story is the end. I went ahead and gave him name i had thought prior to his birth (different to his Rashi). Although lately I have a feeling have I done something wrong. Have I not given him an opportunity to be favoured by his Rashi name(in terms of attitude & aptitude & fortune). I argued with relatives for 15 months ending being influenced & shaken on my own beliefs. Phh…

    • Tarana, when you named your son, you had a good reason to do it your way. So stick to your beliefs. You did right! Any doubts now will only make you paranoid. Don’t think too much, dear! As I said in my post, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, neither of them were named as per Rashi, but have earned wealth, fame and success.

  144. Tarana, when you named your son, you had a good reason to do it your way. So stick to your beliefs. You did right! Any doubts now will only make you paranoid. Don’t think too much, dear! As I said in my post, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, neither of them were named as per Rashi, but have earned wealth, fame and success.

    • Tarana

      Thank you Anshu.. I will follow my heart in this case. My husband & I love the name, it suits him, it has a great meaning & so going to continue it. I am ceasing on the thought of changing it. Plus I did some online & public research & couldn’t find any source explaining significance of Rashi.. Thanks for your support.

      • I believe that if you are a believer, astrology would make sense to you. If not, then it is just superstition, nothing else. And you have risen above it all, Tarana! Wish all the power to your son!

  145. I keep coming back to my parent’s house, especially when my father died. Just the feeling of being at home, to the house where I grew up gives me warmth and true happiness.

  146. ruby

    Jusr longing! I do make excuses to visit my home atleast foe 2 days during the year. It renews my whole self. Miss is a small word

    • I agree, Ruby! In your childhood home amongst the ones you have grown up, you feel a sense of rejuvenation. It is important, it feels as if you are charged up for the next few months. Thanks for reading the article and commenting on it! Much love !!

  147. Thank for information

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  149. Amrita Dey

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  150. Neelam Arora

    My daughter gave these lines
    My Dearest Mother is greatest strength and my Super MOM
    My mother neelam arora is a good dancer as I and my mother participated in mother’s day function. She cooks food very delicious and she is good mother as she take care of whole home very sincerely.
    I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I recieved from you.You are my best friend, always supported me in my thin and thick. I feel safe in this world as i know, no matter what you will always be there to watch my back and pick me up whenever I fall. Love u I’m today if I didn’t have my mother’s support. She stood by me through thick and thin and never left my side when all others gave up. I have never seen her break down. She has taught me to be brave and to always work hard. She’s my inspiration. The best moment with her is when I assist her in the kitchen. Her casual rebukes when I fail to understand her instructions bring a smile to my face. I heart her.

  151. Lovely giveaway , entered πŸ™‚
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  152. Sejal

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    Thank You!

  153. MRD

    I am actually writing with a question about one of your earlier posts that I can’t find. I am 6 weeks pregnant and yesterday after a Pooja at my friend’s parents house I ate a serving of tindora as part of a vegetarian lunch. Other pregnant women and my mother-in-law said any vegetable is ok to eat. I am really worried after seeing your post about avoiding tindora. I don’t want to do anything to hurt my baby or jeapordize the pregnancy. Do you know why you aren’t supposed to eat tindora as a cooked vegetable and what I should prepare myself for? Thank you.

    • Hello, Congratulations! This is the article, I think you were talking about – Tindora or Ivy Gourd is not recommended during pregnancy because its frequent consumption may lead to poor fetal brain development. However, there are no studies to prove that, but it’s safer to avoid than be sorry. Also, just relax, as a one time consumption of tindora will not harm you or your baby. To tell you the truth, my mom had told me when I was pregnant, that she used to eat all foods during her pregnancy (when she was carrying me) even papaya. But today’s doctors don’t recommend certain foods due to food contamination, etc. Please don’t worry; however avoid eating foods that cause indigestion and bloating like cauliflower, cabbage, radish, rajma, guar fali, chhola in the evening. Have plenty of fruits even mango soaked for 15-20 mins in water (I used to 3-4 mangoes a day when I was pregnant). Take care dear!

    • This is my first pregnancy, and I am already so stressed about “my village”. I have a hectic work schedule, and the same applies for my husband. I can’t leave my job because of financial constraints. None of our parents are ready to leave their place and come stay with us. I try to convince myself that there are so many women who manages work with baby, but I am feeling terrified of how will I manage it. Should I leave my job? Should I hire a nanny and trust her? It’s all so scary.

      • HI Nidhi, congratulations!! I can understand that you can’t have either your parents or your parents in law as your immediate support. But don’t lose heart. Expand your circle. Make friends and neighbors who can help you in time of need. I am in Mumbai with absolutely no support from parents as they all stay in another city. But I have a great set of friends and neighbors, and domestic help on who I can bank upon. Don’t leave your job if you can avoid it. Entrust your child to a good daycare, or if you are hiring a nanny, do install cameras in the house. Things have a tendency to fall in place, so don’t worry and be scared. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy! And then your little one. Hugs !! <3

  154. True… my husband though is still dad has been the one helping me throughout.. even today …he takes care f my lil one more than me..

  155. True…now with a kid I guess we need to take time off for our wellbeing too…take care…

  156. During vacations my daughter had ample free time and it became very increasingly difficult for me to keep her away from I-pad & T.V , particularly during the noon. So sometimes I had to succumb to her demand . Sometimes I did play with her few board games . But that too became boring after a few days . So I asked her to sit alongside me and read or take a short nap. What I realised is that we need to keep finding different activities for kids to do as they get bored with monotony.
    I am an only child and had working parents too but I spent my vacations with my grand parents and my grand mother spent lot of her time with me. She involved me in household chores too. So I involved my daughter to help me with household chores to keep her busy too.
    We need to constantly keep them engaged in various activities to keep them away from gadgets.

  157. Excellent point and post!

  158. Wonderful…it’s soo very similar to my experience..I always wanted a Le Sancy soap…it was new in the market. The name, the colour and the shape fascinated mom told me to top the class in the monthly tests and she would get me that. Top I did and the soap was in my hands and boy did i spend hours in the bathroom admiring it.. later the craze faded..but as I read your post I recalled my le sancy obsession ..not to forget Mysore sandal and Liril…dancing away in the bathroom like in the ad..? down south the Mommy daughter ad is santoor soap and my motto was I always wanto be a santoor Mommy and finally today I guess I am..?
    Thank you for sharing this and making me recall my soapy sagas????

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  163. I travel by cab a lot but haven’t had any such experiences which are worth sharing. However once a cab driver could not locate my residence and I kept calling him to explain. He said ,”maam sorry but we cannot call lady passengers repeatedly as we aren’t allowed to do so” . I did feel a lot relieved that day after hearing many horrifying stories about molestation by cab drivers . But you are quite brave to share a taxi . I always get scared to try . But after reading your post, I shall try once.

  164. Hii… I love your writing so Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please checkout the link..

  165. Oh no This is indeed scary! Kids as young as 6 years involves in body shaming. I believe from a young age a child should be taught importance of healthy living and that includes right balance of food and exercise. They should not be enrolled in any sport with the purpose of winning medals in competitions but as a daily exercise which benefits the mind and the body. Parents will also need to be vigilant.

    • Hey Aesha, missed seeing your reply. June-Nov 2017 had seen me more or less zoned out from the blogging world.

      Yes, this is indeed very scary. And you are right, parents’ focus should be on making their kids eat right and balanced. Instead of focusing on their body, we should focus on their capabilities. And I agree with you there too, I encourage my daughter to not be scared of competitions, winning is not important, but her participation is.

  166. jelodiad

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  167. In Greece, where I come from, and in many other European countries as well as the USA, once you find out that you are pregnant, you call your gynecologist and he then becomes your obstetrician or refers you to one. Midwives have a secondary role, if any, and you will probably meet your first midwife at the hospital, when in labor. In other words, you are treated by a doctor as a patient that suffers from that serious virus called fetus.

  168. This is such an important (Topic); there needs to be more outreach regarding it’s importance.

  169. Baby feeding every 2-3 hrs is routine for most moms as it is the only baby food for at least the first 6 months. In the first months, baby feeding is not just a way to meet the baby’s nutrition needs but also to help provide comfort to the baby. Often, even the smallest cry triggers you, the mom, to find a corner to breastfeed, no matter what you are doing. While everyone else around you goes happily on with whatever they are doing.
    You can go through the link for more information:

  170. So important for women. I agree Anshu. Financial independence is very important for self esteem. Make saving a habit. Well said.

  171. Great post. You’re right – small contributions are not to be ignored and neither are small savings. Wish you all the best – speak766

  172. Ruchi

    Thanks a lot for such a useful information.

  173. Gen

    Wow you really take your child’s health really seriously, but I hope if your child ever gets really sick you will let her be absent. When I was younger my mother would force me to go to school even If I had a fever, sometimes she would pick me up early but that was extremely rare. I think a child should be a absent at most one to two days a year due to sickness but it’s up to the parent and how strong they think their child is.

    • Yes, I do take my child’s health seriously. The problem is not with falling ill, but it shouldn’t be for something totally avoidable! I let her play in mud and dirt so that her immunity gets better, but the larger point is that her immunity should be strong! And, yes, she takes an off
      from school when she doesn’t feel well!

  174. Carrot & Sweet Potato Puree
    The perfect way of introducing carrots to your little one. This fine puree contains carrot which is balanced off with sweet potato, and a hint of rosemary!

    • Hi Rani, I don’t mind you posting links of your blog, but please post it in context. There are other blog posts on mine on food and nutrition, at least take the effort to read and then post.

  175. Anshu, we have made situations tough for ourselves. Safety of children is compromised on a daily basis in such a scenario we can’t trust anyone and we have to be cautious but it’s sad that our children will not be able their childhood as we did in a free , safe environment. Let’s hope for the best and see a change in the society soon.

    • Rightly said, Aesha! The current scenario doesn’t let our children enjoy their childhood as they should. And, it’s a pity! Let’s hope for the best, maybe the society will undergo a metamorphosis! πŸ™‚

  176. Hi Anshu!
    I am doing a project on mother’s decision making process for buying skincare products (such as moisturizer, soap etc.) for infants. I wanted to ask what are the triggers which affect a mother’s decision while buying? I guess mostly it would be suggestions given by friends or elders (mothers and mother in laws) and pediatricians. But what do you look for in the product while buying it?
    Also, are the products in the market good enough to give an overall protection to baby’s skin, or is there still some problems they are not able to solve?

    It would be great if I could understand answers to these questions.

  177. Usha

    My 3rd month boy is suffering from cold p
    Please give me home remedy

    • Hello Usha, as such there is no remedy for cold. However, you can make your child comfortable by doing this. Dry roast some ajwain (carrom seeds) on tawa, put it in a muslin or cotton hanky, and rub it while it is still warm on his chest. It will help with the chest congestion. However, please take him to the doctor if the cold persists for more than 3 days or if your child is not able to sleep in the night. In extreme cases of cold or chest congestion, doctors suggest nebulizers; so please visit your doctor if the cold persists. Also, start with tulsi water once your child turns 6 months. It builds immunity and keeps him away from sickness.

    • Hope it helps your son. Take care!

  178. “Thank you for sharing, I Have recently purchased organic maternity clothes online from BOFY. They offer Certified Organic products only.
    During Pregnancy when every small detail is kept in mind, Organic clothes must be opted for every woman.
    Greeting from India”

  179. Reading this I am scared of getting pregnant. Ha ha.

  180. Wonderful..hope to do the same some day soon wid my daughter..?

  181. Nirmi

    hi can you advise which shop in ahmedabad its available?

  182. Wow..I thoroughly enjoyed reading kind of reflected my thoughts..I absolutely agree with was kind of a been there done that situation for me..I too realised no use telling the better half don’t do this and that…they have to realise on their own..but yes I do have a problem as the hubby is addicted to games and finally I have stopped telling him and waiting when he will realise it himself and regarding the being strict and displinarian mom,thank you for sharing that will help me when Rhea grows up..I guess we all wanto be friends with our kids so such small things will surely help us with that..once again I enjoyed reading this post.. Huggzzz ?

    • HI Neethu, glad you enjoyed the post. Certain situations in life teach us how to handle them better. And I am thankful to have learnt them the way I did, though it did hurt me initially. Good luck and love to you!

  183. Amy

    When the temperature drops, energy levels of kids drop as well. Here we present to you some healthy information to keep illnesses in your children at bay during this season.

  184. Loved reading this one..I guess even I need to follow most of it…I also felt my childhood friend was just mine until we stopped talking and I realised it was for our own good..I guess the accepting part also holds true for me..I feel i have changed to suit others as they wanto see’s time to get back to being me Nee ?
    Do write more posts like this helps me stay motivated and happy ?cos sometimes despite knowing every thing we tend to pretend and be ignorant so this is like a wake up call?

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Neethu! We tend to blame others, but the truth is the inability to push things for the better lies within us. I have a habit of depending on others for my happiness and would mold myself for others. This post should serve as a wake up call for me as well whenever I tend to deviate from my resolution. It’s time I started living for myself, be happy for myself and take the full responsibility for it. Thanks again for motivating me! Hugs!! πŸ™‚

  185. These are the signs!!! When I was trying desperately to conceive , I just kept bumping into pregnant women all the time. And I felt there is something wrong with my hormones too as I became too sensitive.

  186. I love this! Very important to consider. We have the choice 3x a day, or more!

  187. That is rather scary! I’m so happy it was just a scare! And I hope it’s a lesson to take care of your self first! Its like being in an airplane when the stewardess says β€œin case of an emergency when the oxygen masks fall down, secure yours on your face before helping others”. We are useless to our family if we don’t help our selves first!

    I have to ask my doctor about taking vitamin e. I’m breast feeding. But my hair is fallon out non stop. I know it’s said to be hormonal changes after birth. But I wonder if this would help!

    • Absolutely, Gina! Mothers are known to put themselves last in the priority of things. Yes, every mother experiences post partum hair loss, it’s due to loss of hormones that produced in your body during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your hair looked thick and lustrous, with very little hair fall. So after delivery, when the hormones leave your body, it’s like your scalp goes into an overdrive to make up for all the lost time. πŸ˜‰ This is how my gynec explained to me. But, it would be more practical to check with your doctor if any supplements can help arrest this fall. Take care!

  188. Today (right now at 8:05 eastern standard time) I just put Olivia in her first cloth diaper! I read this on your blog the other day and I went on amazon and ordered them. I also got bamboo disposable diapers for when we have to be out for long periods of time! This was a great read and an amazing eye opener! Thank you soooo much xo

    • Hey that’s awesome Gina! I am humbled. I am sure Olivia’s skin will breathe better in these natural diapers, and the nature will breathe a little too! Looking forward to reading your experiences with Kaylee and Olivia!! Hugs!!

  189. Hey, I too studied at Amrit Jyoti and Charitra Suvas had been one of my fav read. A must for kids in early age.. Thanks for sharing book shop name..I will get it for my kid ☺?

  190. Acceptance is such a big one but so hard sometimes, and not complaining, especially when coparenting! The difference in perspective/priorities sometimes makes me wonder if we are even all really living in the same house. Practicing gratitude has been one of my resolutions for years.

    • I have had some pretty bad few years because of my expectations from people. If I did something for someone, I would expect something in return. But it doesn’t work that way, it took me some time to realize and accept that. That’s why the acceptance. I know it’s difficult, but I don’t want to be in that frame of mind ever again. And believe me, last few weeks have been wonderful because I have started letting go of my complaints. I have started giving people the benefit of doubt and explaining myself that everyone can’t be ME! Gratitude, that’s a good one too! Thanks for the suggestion!

  191. Somehow missed reading your posts..they din’t show up in my feeds…

  192. I agree with all your points…I guess the constant pressure by everyone to have a baby made me have one and oh my god it was a freaky phase and I am glad I overcame that part…can’t even imagine going through that mental agony of will it be positive this month ???

  193. Helpful blogpost.. going to share..???

  194. Beautiful and informative

  195. That’s me at the moment πŸ™‚
    Waiting waiting

  196. Oh I do remember gulping down methi eeds while lactating and yes the good old remedy for mom used to mix it with fresh hibiscus leaves and apply it on my hair..that was my First ever homemade spa? and we make a daal out of just few grains of methi seeds and it tastes Yummm?

  197. Wow..yet again it seems like you are voicing/ penning my thoughts …Hi fi and same pinch!!! I feel I am going through the same emotional turmoil right reading your posts especially ones like these makes me feel ok i am not the only one and it helps me learn that it’s ok to err and move on..I completely agree with every para you have stated..Have started to seriously change my life style and eating habits to loose the pregnancy weight and watching people around me getting hurt, learning and still making mistakes is teaching me soo much..please do post post more like these I loveee reading them..???

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words! 30s is such a beautiful phase. I was dreading it before, but now I love it. It doesn’t have the anxiety of 20s and the ageing of 40s. We are in the right phase. However, if we do all things right, we can very well extend this phase well into our early 50s πŸ˜‰

  198. That’s wonderful..glad you went for a mammography..M due for my first routine one very soon..

  199. Omg!!! The minute I read mouth was salivating..the only thing I can think about when I see Amla is khatta and juicy ones eaten with salt and chilli powder ?? pardon me …but as I type away at 4 a.m you can imagine my excitement at the thot of eating Amla…?

  200. Ajwain…which I used to often mistake with Jeera …the beneficial yet strong smelling ingredient…?

  201. Looking forward to more posts from you..huggzzz????

  202. Ahh wonderful ..a thought-provoking post…I completely agree… I guess just to save time and since it’s easier we tend to just buy ready made stuff..even I give rhea chocolates but now am learning that she loves what ever I cook…so that makes me happy and keeps me motivated, so i am learning new recipes for her…your posts are like a future you will know what is in store for you type so I love reading them?

    • Am so glad we think alike! And I am sure little Rhea will love you more for cooking her all the yummy stuff. We are creating a generation of super brainy kids, they need all the good stuff to eat too! πŸ™‚

  203. I agree Anshu. I have been giving turmeric & tulsi concoction to mishti too and that has built her resistance towards illnesses. And she hasn’t even missed a single swimming class the entire year.

    • Glad to learn that Aesha! You are one mommy after my own heart! <3 Turmeric, now that is something I must introduce in Aanya's milk to fortify her immune system further. Thanks for this suggestion, I will slowly do that!

  204. Wow.. every word is true to the core..I sent this link to my bhabhi..a new Mommy …I felt like been there done that..still I am in the learning process..thanks for writing Sucha wonderful post and helping new mom’s like us deal with situations???

  205. Loved your south especially Karnataka we too exchange ” Yellu Bella” sesame seeds and jaggery during in laws use Kaalo Jeera..I used to think it’s black sesame..later it turned out to be Nigella seeds…?Bengali cuisine is filled with it..

  206. Wow…in South India too. Didn’t know about that. Thanks for sharing this info, Neethu! Kaalo jeera translates to black cumin, while nigella is actually onion seeds. Ha ha! These spices sure have weird and confusing names. Yes, Bengalis use a lot of nigella, I guess one of the core ingredients of paanch phoron! πŸ™‚

  207. True..given the cost and the way the kids clothes are way more expensive than adults me too prefer to browse online and make use of the offers they have..will check out this new site..?

    • Do check out, Neethu! Their clothes were a little hatke, and as they are all organic cotton, don’t have to think twice before buying it. I prefer buying cotton over synthetic blends which are all the rage nowadays.

  208. I used to dislike broccoli, but my dietitian explained me its numerous benefits. I came across your post and now i know even more things that’ll be great for me. thanks for the information!

    • Hey thanks Rishita for going through the post and glad you liked it. A few years ago when I had read that Broccoli contains more vitamin C than oranges, I got a shock of my life. But, yes there are many foods that we take for granted, which are in fact superfoods!

  209. My friend is expecting a baby, and this is a post that i’ll surely make her read. thank you guys!

  210. Ah! Thousands things we love about ourselves. Good reminder. Love yourself! πŸ™‚

  211. Sonam Jain

    Very well articulated.. reminder to me ..take pride of being a women

  212. Excellent post Anshu… I am so much like you… I love being a woman!! I never have anything to wear & keep buying . I have this fetish for footwear, shop on impulse and love that about myself.

  213. Deepika K

    Loved it! Especially the part about being forgetful when we want πŸ˜€

  214. thebittersweetmommy

    This so well written. We got so many reasons to love ourselves!!!

  215. Wonderful post! Loved every part!

  216. this is really awesome.7,8 and 9 points are y favourite one. that what say what we are.

    • Thanks Gurjeet for reading and commenting on the post. We may be forgetful, we may not be the best of drivers, but we are so good at so many things. Let’s celebrate our strength, what we are good at and what we actually are!

  217. thehappyamma

    Proud us ! ?

  218. thehappyamma

    I went through such phase but in my case i had taken milk duct block to a thickening of skin.

  219. loved all the points .. n kajal n lipstick work wonder for me too πŸ˜‰

  220. This was such a fun read. I loved the point about crying, that is so me. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for joining in on our #WomensDayBlogParty

  221. Loved and related to every point but point 3 is so spot on!!
    Thanks for joining in on our #WomensDayBlogParty

  222. For a moment I thought you were describing me.. lol just kidding but loved reading your post . A lovely reminder of blessed we are to be women. A fun read too. Love your writing style

  223. This made me sooo good about myslef!! πŸ™‚ It speaks out so much about self love.
    Even I recently posted a blog named ‘Lets Take a Step Forward’ for women’s day. Please do check it out !!

  224. Wow..once again it’s like you have typed down my thoughts..I agree completely with you on reminded me of my ex HOD who shamed us for being girls who just wanto get married and have babies..( what do you expect when you are touching 30 and are in the field of medicine) so he sent a very inspiring positivity filled message on the institutes group chat ..Such a two faced devil..Irony everywhere…

    • seriously, don’t understand the whole hoopla around it. And our incapacity to see through the whole sham. People wooing us with the discounts and stuff…for what..for being women..for being oppressed and suppressed…for being the weaker or fairer sex… I don’t get it!

  225. Wow loved this… especially the crying on listening to the national anthem..I thought I was the only one who did that ?

  226. 100% bang on!! These are all very very important life skills and should be developed in a child irrespective of gender.

  227. Wow I didn’t know that soaking helps your body better benefit from the nutrients in dried fruits and nuts! Thank you for the information! And loved that little fact about California walnuts – I’m gonna remember that.

    Beauty Isles
    My Mommy Years

    • Thanks Kimmy, yes all my life I had heard that California walnuts were not that great. However, because they are so cheap, it made me read more about them.

  228. I completely agree
    ..Super like..?

  229. rituprapanna

    These are great points, and I agreed that it all depends on our attitude and thoughts process, by doing these simple things we can feel young at heart at any age. thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading and appreciating the post! As I am approaching 40, I realized that I needed to change the way I thought. So started inculcating these habits!

  230. Rashmi Sharma

    Anshu, very helpful for the ones who want to go to Imagica for the first time,
    I am kind of Inspired to go to Imagica now….

  231. Good points lovely post

  232. Sejal Bhandari

    Can I give peepramul powder with milk to my daughter in law she has now 5th month

    • Sejal congratulations. Please give her peeprapee or ghanthola as it is called in gujarati in the said measurements. I took 1 tsp of ghanthola twice daily with warm milk in the ninth month. Its supposed to give you strength for child birth.

  233. wow, never knew of this thing, will surely check the memoirs page. thanks for sharing

  234. thanks you anshu for this healthy recipe. i eat veggies but its good to eat raw vegetables as fresh juices. do post more recipes on this.

  235. Hmmm, Good Work as you said in your post. as Title.
    “Sick of Being Healthy” you talk about health so I like it. Your work is too fab. That’s a great info for us. I’m also working on health problems. you can see it otherwise your post is too good. Keep it up…

  236. Right Anshu!! We have really become a very intolerant society. Have forgot the importance of just lending a listening ear. Your kid will be fine in a couple of days we Uid have been a better statement surely.
    Also I am amazed to have your new post in my mail box today. I have no energy and words now to write , how do you do it after writing continuously for a month?

    • Glad you second my thoughts, Aesha! Tolerance is a great virtue and very much needed by the society at large. After seeing off Tara, I realized I hadn’t written as a mommy for a while now. πŸ™‚ So was raring to go…

  237. The biggest issue across these days is of not being tolerant and thining we are the know it alls. Its sad how such bashing happens on social media, and the best way to tackle it( and also as you have mentioned is to ignore it all). Ofcourse with a hope that we all must work towards being kind towards each other, nevertheless when one comes across a bully the best is to stay away from them and turn our minds towards the positive zones of our lives.

    • Agree with you Ramya! On seeing the hurtful comments on social media, there are times when my blood boils and I feel like giving it back, then I step back thinking what would be the difference between them and me. Why should I drag it unnecessarily? And so I choose to ignore.

  238. this is woman shaming a woman anshu. i have gone thrrough this of latest. when my article was published in momspressso, i had experienced this. i really cant understand how weird a woman can be when she enjoys seeing another woman getting bullied or bashed up in social media. they think they are genious or brilliant and do this kinda sarcastic things.

    • So sorry for you Deepa. I have been through this myself a few years ago, it has stopped bothering me. But, when I saw this young mother being harassed just because she asked an innocent question, I really saw red. Remember, how our mother used to teach us when we were small ‘be nice to everyone’, I guess we have forgotten those values and don’t know ‘what being nice’ really means anymore.

  239. Sound advice to all, anshu.

    I avoid fb completely. I used to like it. Then 2 years ago i deleted my acct. So much more peaceful!

  240. Agree with you on this one di..I thot it will be a while before you post..but yeeeeee Ur at it again..??????

  241. carving for childhood? true, the days of being a child is always a blessing. While childhood is loving, motherhood is daunting with hopes and more hopes from all ends. loved the way you have split the desires and depairs.

    • I know, childhood we have already seen, enjoyed and loved. Motherhood we are experiencing with each passing day, sometimes it’s smooth like a walk in the park, and sometimes it’s like running for dear life in the Jurassic Park. LOL!!

  242. Such a beautiful post. And so true. ‘From where did the bountiful energy come? ‘ -This is what I miss the most too!! We complicate things for ourselves no…and then wish things were simpler! The irony of life!

    I never thought of mom and dad as people with human emotions – they were my protectors. And yet when I think of taking on the role of a mother in the future…I wish my children have empathy…:(

    • So very true Ashwini! We complicate our life and then yearn for the simpler life!! Ashwini, kids learn what we emulate. I am sure they will learn good values from you.

  243. Anagha Yatin

    Quite a reflection Anshu. It mirrored the thoughts of all of us who are made speechless with same question, “why did i grow up?” We struggle to find answer to it and we know there is none…
    I so miss those days like you, following the shiny, glittery and sticky trail left behind by the snail in the garden. Time never was a costly resource then.
    Wonderful post.

    • Thanks so much. I am glad it resonated with you, Anagha! As I look at my daughter and her laidback and unhurried attitude towards life, I wonder what happened to me. I was too like her some time back (I mean many years back πŸ˜‰ )

  244. Oh my this is lovely Anshu. Indeed childhood had such simple realities. Why have these disappeared with growing up?

  245. As Malayalees…we have Kadhi patta a lot in our food. My grandmom had a huge garden that had a curry leaf tree. In Mumbai, you usually end up getting almost blackened leaves with no fragrance whatsoever. Your plant looks very fresh! If only you lived in Kandivali… I would have come asking for some πŸ˜‰

    Nicely written and important article.

    • Thanks Ashwini! I agree with you, what we get in Mumbai have absolutely no flavor, not sure where they grow. Or I guess these leaves are best used freshly plucked. Kandivali is not that far, come over one day and take a bunch!! πŸ™‚

  246. Health in your kitchen is an apt and awesome title for this section Anshu. I am a big fan of nautral remedies and shall be going through all of your posts for this. I have three curry patta plants with me and they grow out so so well. I love flavouring my food with it and neer knew of its so many benefits.

    • Hey thanks Shalini! Wow, it feels nice to meet a kindred spirit – not only in reading, but also in kitchen remedies! Now, I remember you have a food blog too, isn’t it??