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6 annoying habits of moms (including myself!)

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We are mothers, and though we might think ourselves way above other species, the truth is we can be damn annoying sometimes. Ask your friends, family …or even husband (if he is daring enough to be completely truthful to your face)..and you will know the truth.

Here are 6 annoying habits of moms, including myself, that we generally come across.

Complaining about her child’s thinness – One of my dear friends always laments the fact that her child is thin. OK, I get it that her child is not pudgy, and there is no chance she would be selected for Johnson’s baby product commercials, but why she needs to say that again and again.

“I give her such nice healthy things to eat. But, she never gains weight like your daughter!”

On another occasion, she remarked “Looks like your daughter has grown taller. She looks thinner, too. But, at least she is better (read thinner) than my daughter!”

Her daughter is tall, healthy and very active. Seriously, I feel like telling her off on such occasions “why you need a fat child?”

Complaining her child doesn’t eat enough – Another classic complaint of most mothers. In the park or in school meetings, you will always meet one or another mother who will complain that her child doesn’t eat properly.

I once saw a mother feeding her 9-month old a porridge made of wheat flour, milk and 1 big apple for breakfast. Now, after 2 hours or so, she brought his lunch consisting of 2 chapattis, dal and subji. The child didn’t want to eat, but the mother force-fed her 1 chapatti. But before she could move onto the second, he puked all the food out.

The mother exclaimed, “See, he doesn’t eat! When I try to make him eat, he vomits!”

The child in question is obese. Need I say further?

Photographing and putting on the social media– The new age mom loves her kids, so much so that she wants to show off her kids to all and sundry. And, what better way to do that than clicking umpteen photos of her kids and putting them on the Instagram. So, what if her entire Insta wall is filled up with her kids swimming, dancing or doing Karate; the more the better. Sometimes I wonder if they ever see their kids outside the camera lens and enjoy the moment.

Being a snob about her child’s school – This is something I have come across a lot. A mother who knows her child goes to an expensive school (or a school in which admission is difficult to get into) first asks you “In which school does your child study?”

You reply, and out of courtesy you end up asking the same question to them.

And, in that one moment their eyes light up, their face develops an expression of superiority and their tone holds certain pride. That is their moment of glory and they won’t hesitate to demonstrate it to you.

Showing off her child – Some mothers behave as if their child has come from the planet Krypton with superhuman abilities.

He talks so glibly. He is going to be a politician. And, you could say that from now, when he is just 2?

She learned to walk at 9 months. What is it going to serve?

She will definitely be a model. She pouts like one! And how is that an accomplishment?

Self pitying – Stay away from these moms! They suck up all the positivity from around their vicinity. These are the moms who have a litany of complaints. Their children wake up so early or sleep so late, are over-active, that she doesn’t get a moment’s breather. We get it you are super busy or super exhausted, but could you also, once in a while, talk about something else please!

It is one thing to love your kids and be proud of them, and totally another (and unnatural) to drag the whole world into this intimate circle. Be a proud mother, not an annoying one!

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  1. Hi Anshu!!Ya I have seen mothers like these, though not recently, but when I was a kid!!

    • Hi Udita, thanks for commenting..and I see these mothers pretty frequently these days. 😉 But, if truth be told, we need mothers of all kinds to make an interesting mix! 🙂

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